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    57.    (32)    Babylon Zoo    The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes

    Not quite a one hit wonder. But might as well have been.

    I recall the album as a series of identical songs with different >>>>>>> intros.

    Their entire output was essentially just the one song.

    Doubtless you remember their comeback single 'All The Money's Gone'.

    I can't say I remember it particularly well.

    My brother bought a cheap promo copy of the album and played it quite
    a bit. Although I don't remember the other songs, they were obviously
    less memorable.

    I found the album with the same name on YouTube and I think it's great !


    Want to play it on the speakers loud, but it's 1:30 AM, so not
    possible for the neighbours.
    How did I missed this album?

     From the Dutch wikipedia I understood that there also is a second
    album, which was not promoted by the artist as a protest to the record


    Yeah, my brother borrowed the first album and then bought the second
    one. A promotional copy, which was the only evidence of the album being promoted at all really.


    Somebody uploaded a live concert from Babylon Zoo.
    It's a BBC World Service Radio CD.
    I can't find which year.


    I guess, I'm busy the next 50 minutes....


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