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    ... I just give you a load more of them. And speaking of "more",
    there are two covers in the Top 5 of songs with the work "More" in
    the title (and another one lower down the chart). And just to prove
    it's the late 90s, there are two hits related to Ally McBeal. And
    people are still buying Christmas records in January.
    Also, Philippe Zdar of Cassius died last year.

    Playlists are here.

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdiUvgvgpgNoJUyNgGCgtlM2jRIaYgYph >>>
    Chart dated 23rd January 1999

    Coming up to finals at uni, in the city I still live on the edge of

    I ended up doing mine later but that's another story.

    5. (NE) Emmie More Than This

    I actually prefer this to the Roxy Music version,

    Ever heard the one by 10,000 Maniacs?

    her voice has an ethereal nature and vulnerability that suits the song.

    It's a fair point, but then again I've never been that keen on Brian Ferry.

    More than this from Roxy Music remembers me at the April fools
    day's joke from the Hilversum 3 broadcaster TROS in 1982.

    Hilversum 3 (on Mediumwave-AM and VHF-FM in The Netherlands)
    was taken over by the new satellite radio station "Space Radio".
    During the TROS top 50 presented by Ferry Maat (ex RNI),
    Space Radio took over the frequencies.
    The sound was really "spacy".
    They used a special compression with a stereo enhancer.
    Together with the English presentation by Kas van Iersel,
    and (again) spacy jingles and English commercials, it sounded great.

    They played among other things:
    David Bowie (Space Oddity),
    Imagination (Just an illusion),
    Rolling Stones (Start me up),
    Quarterflash (Harden my heart),
    Elton John (Daniel),
    Tight Fit (The lion sleeps tonight),
    Paul Davis (65 love affair),
    Bobby Vee (the night has a 1000 eyes),
    Fun boy three & Bananarama (It Ain't What You Do)
    announced as the number 1 in England (!),
    Hall & Oates (I can't go for that),
    J. Geils Band (Centerfold),
    Little River Band (Lonesome user) (I think)

    I heard the group Quarterflash for the first time. I searched the record
    for many years. Harden my heart was no hit here (should've been!)
    and we had no internet those days :-)

    The TROS stopped the joke after only one hour, they could have done
    another hour. But many many listeners called Hilversum, not only TROS,
    but also NOS, KRO, AVRO, the police, etcetera.
    The PTT telephone exchange stopped working because of too many calls.
    NOS television wanted to come with camera's.

    It's impossible to take over microwave links and even cable lines by a satellite signal, but who knew that? (I did)
    Satellites were not used by radio stations in 1982.

    You can here a part of the joke here: <https://www.mixcloud.com/radiohat/1982-04-01-h3-tros-space-radio-1-april-grap-ferry-maat-kas-van-iersel/>

    Roxy Music comes in at 26:58 out of the noise as number 44 of the TROS
    Top 50 (Hilversum 3).

    And a desciption about what happened, is here: <https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Radio>
    and here:
    scroll down to the date 26/02/2021, title:
    "1982-04-01 H3 TROS Space Radio 1 april grap - Ferry Maat, Kas van
    (sorry, both in Dutch)

    It's a pity Space Radio was never heard again. It could have been a
    popular radio station!


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