• Happy ever after in an old chart from 1969

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    I pulled this chart out because Dean Ford, the singer of
    Marmalade, died just after Christmas. So it seems fitting to do
    the week they were at the top of the chart (according to Record
    Retailer). This week was also the 50th anniversary of George
    Harrison leaving the Beatles and whilst they're not in the chart
    in person, there are a lot of records you can link them to. And
    this was the 10th anniversary of Motown who are quite well
    represented here.

    Playlists are here. I did fairly well but somehow the Toys song
    was only on Spotify in Italian.

    <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdiUvgvgpgNpO25YUMAo1v2BOY7AWaT6h> >>>
    Chart dated: 18th January 1969

    33. (45) Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
    You're All I Need To Get By

    Still can't hear this without thinking of the Freeview ad, my
    partner was working for them at the time., although this was for
    general market and she was on the help scheme.

    Halfway through the campaign Maggie Jones (Coronation St) died and
    everything had to be pulled and reprinted with the replacement -
    racking our brains we can't be sure who it was but think it might
    have been Maggie Philbin.

    Apparently this one is from 2014 so I think after she died? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp8-jITevuw


    Thank you for this wonderfull Cat & Budgie Ad !!
    It has not run in The Netherlands of course.


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