• You can dance, you can jive, you can look at an old chart from 1976

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    9. (23) The Wurzels I Am A Cider Drinker

    Much loved by Windy Miller I would imagine (Camberwick Green
    reference, for those who don't know).

    I assume you are referring to the episode where Windy has too much
    to drik and falls asleep outside his windmill. Imagine something
    like today in a programme aimed at young children.


    Yup, things were certainly different back then!

    Never seen before (I'm not British)

    It is a bad designed windmill.
    If it works, you cannot go inside.......

    And who closed the door between 1:25 and 1:28?



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    12. (21) Pussycat Mississippi

    I thought I didn't remember this, from the title. But
    hearing it, I realise that I do.

    I'm pretty sure the only times I've heard it in full are when
    I've listened for these threads. It must be one of the least
    remembered Number One singles of the era.

    This was no1 on the BBC4 TOTP repeats the week we got digital!

    I used to watch some of those on iPlayer but I must have missed
    that one.

    When I did finally listen to the track I realised I recognised
    part of it from one of those adverts for a compilation not
    available in any shops that used to be on a lot.

    A really lovely song, the lyrics in the original are
    completely different - it's a bog standard love song in German
    (I know they were Dutch but the original's in German)

    The original version was in English.
    A hugh hit all over the world...

    Ooh, not heard the German version - is it still called the same

    I know it's not uncommon for "translated" songs to end up with a
    totally unrelated lyric.

    Enjoy. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rklDwBRTwQk>

    German lyrics below, ran through Google translate and my rusty
    German says it's pretty good, other than it's boyfriend not friends
    in this context.

    And to think I thought it started life as a Dutch song...

    And: are you Dutch?

    Never knew Pussycat sung it in German. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EoqVYzd-OY>

    As far as I know there is no Dutch version.

    When I was young I heard it too many times.
    And it was not "cool" to like Pussycat.
    (I think the word "cool" was not used then how I use it now)

    They used it at dance lessons (the English version of course),
    but I do not know anymore which dance it is.

    But now I'm oder I like it more, it is a great song.

    (from The Netherlands)

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