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    I reckoned it was about time for another Spring 1980 chart, so here we
    are. Coincidentally, one of the songs is from a film that was n the
    telly last night.
    Elsewhere some familiar early-80s classics, some songs I remember from
    TotP repeats and some cover versions of varying usefulness. Also, spot
    the guy charting both solo and as a group member.

    Playlists here, and quite long thanks to the EPs



    Chart dated 19th April 1980

    2.    (21)    Blondie    Call Me

    This, on the other hand, is pure early 80s gold. Among Blondie fans
    there are divided opinions as to whether their creative peak was their
    earlier, punkier version or the later, poppier version, and this song
    is firmly in the latter camp, so it doesn't meet with universal
    approval. On the other hand, some people - including me - liked both
    incarnations. I was a huge Blondie fan at the time - even had the
    Debbie Harry poster on my bedroom wall - and this was one of my
    favourite songs at the time.


    Were Blondie ever really punk? They were more like a Sixties rock act
    who formed in the Seventies.

    Yes they were in the early years,
    but more poppy than the punk with male singers.

    Blondie - Detroit 442

    Blondie - X Offender

    Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone (TopPop) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si81OxXiWHw

    Only problem with this song is that it is too short.....
    (TopPop is the Dutch Top of the Pops)

    Blondie - One Way Or Another (TopPop) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIXIsYWS8CA

    Debbie was not famous about her playback synchronity, but who cares?
    (guitars without cables?)

    But she sure can sing live:
    Blondie - Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 1979 (BBC Four broadcast, 2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kymcob7Dw7c
    Also respect for the drummer!

    And 11 years ago they did it again in Sydney:
    Blondie | Live in Sydney | Full Concert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX2HX4PHAt0
    And again: respect for the drummer!
    Listen to the guitar solo in Atomic.....

    13.    (10)    Genesis    Turn It On Again

    Good song. One of my favourites at the time.

    Some people would doubtless claim the subject matter was ahead of its
    time. They might be tiresome people though.

    I was (and am) fan of the Genesis of the 70's.
    Selling England & Trick of the Tail.
    Went to a concert in Hannover (Germany) in 1981
    and Phil said he does not want to play "that old stuff"....
    It took many years before I learned to like this 80's stuff :-)
    Top is the Spitting Image video with Reagan, Thatcher and Gorbatshov
    (but I forgot which single it was).

    21.    (15)    Martha And The Muffins    Echo Beach

    Classic of the era. And something of a one-hit wonder, at least in the

    More than something - they never charted anything sele, unless you count
    the Top 75 hit by M+M.

    Wikipedia mentions a 1984 song called "Black Stations/White Stations".
    But I didnot know it.
    They had no hit in NL.

    I discovered Echo Beach at a collect album (is that English?)
    of which a piece was cut out.
    So I could not play Echo Beach the first minute or so.
    I sure hated that collect LP.

    31.    (32)    Rupert Holmes    Him


    And indeed few people do remember it.

    I heard this song again on a CD a few years ago
    after I decided to divorce because of "him"......
    Sure heard another text now than in the 80's.

    46.    (41)    Blondie    Atomic

    There's a strong body of opinion which holds that this is Blondie's
    best song. I'm not entirely sure I'd concur, although that's at least
    partly because they had so many good songs that picking a best is
    hard. What's possibly more plausible is the assertion that this was
    their last great song - although the follow-up single, The Tide is
    High, also reached number one it wasn't that good.

    Surely 'Call Me' was the follow-up (and also Number One).

    And it was downhill
    from there on, even if Rapture was better than its chart peak
    suggested. And of course, the band's demise was not far away at this
    point. Not that I knew it then, being a huge Blondie fan (did I
    mention I had the obligatgory teenage boy poster of Debbie Harry on
    the wall?), I felt that this, the final single from Eat to the Beat,
    indicated that they were riding the crest of a creative wave and could
    do so for some time yet. How little did I know.

    It's remarkable how fast they seemed to lose their way, although I don't
    know whether the strained relationships between band members affected that.

    One of the best 12" ever....

    Even when it rains, people have a party with Atomic.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVA1SFT7vq0

    Thank you for this 1980 list !


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