• Working with IBM PowerPC 6050

    From Mantas@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 3 15:06:00 2021

    I just bought a localised IBM PowerPC (the sticker says it's model 6050,
    from 1996).
    It has Lithuanian company Sigmanta branding, but it's an IBM with model M keyboard (also rebranded and localised version).

    When I first turned it on, it asked for a floppy disk. I entered console
    (typed eatabug), tried c: and dir, but the directory was empty. Later it
    no longer asks for a floppy, but boots from a HDD (I hear it working). It
    boots to a black screen with green cursor, and nothing happens. Keyboard is
    not responsive. If I push the power button, the power LED starts blinking,
    HDD working and some time later it shuts down.

    I have no experience with PowerPC computers, how do I do something with it, like to see whats in the HDD, boot it to a GUI/command line, etc?

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