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    Previously, in the thread entitled ...
    "while loop taking input from file via iconv"
    ... I asked the following question:

    On 13/08/2021 20:28, Java Jive wrote:

    About this, I have another question. Some of my family use Macs, not Windows PCs. Am I right in thinking that, since recent versions of
    MacOS are Linux based, they should be able to run this shell script to achieve what those using Windows will be able to do with the BATch

    Do I have to give them any special instructions, for example how to
    get into a console?

    I was told helpfully that MacOS is based on BSD rather than Linux, which
    was encouraging because of the similarity between the two, but no
    further information on this point came forth.

    Now I've discovered that also some members of my family are using Chrome OS.

    I tried searching for the information I want, detailed below, but the
    hits yielded were too general to be of use, so I spent yesterday and the
    early part of today creating VirtualBox installations of both. However,
    even the open source Chromium OS wants me to sign in to Google, and to
    do that I would have to give them my mobile phone number, which they
    would then link to other things where that phone number has been used,
    and just on principle, I'd rather not have them do that, particularly
    for an investigation where once I've got the results, the builds that
    yielded them would just be deleted anyway. The Mac OS VB endlessly
    reboots, and from reading around it looks as though, even if I solve
    that problem, I'd have to create an Apple account too, which again I
    don't want to do.

    All of which seems rather overkill for what I really want to know, which
    is simply this, for each of these two OSs, what clear instructions
    should I give to members of my family, who are in general NOT computer literate, to have them open a command/terminal/shell window in a given directory, to wit, the top directory of the Family History archive, so
    that the instructions that follow can have them run a script there.

    For Linux, I have: "<Right-Click> on the V1 'Family History' directory containing the above two files in Thunar or whatever File Manager is in
    use, and choose 'Open terminal here' or a similarly named option."

    For Windows I have: "<Shift Right-Click> on the V1 'Family History'
    directory containing the above two files, and choose 'Open command
    window here'."

    What would be the equivalents of these two instructions in Chrome OS and
    Mac OS?

    TIA for any help forthcoming.

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