• being able to experience the same "internet experience" that I enjoy at

    From SH@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 7 21:48:02 2022

    I run a Pi Hole at home which is a DNS with a massive blacklist of
    3,500,000 URLs which all relate to Malvertising, Adverts trackers,
    referer URLs, news aggregators like taboola and outbrain, this is so
    successful that over 60% of DNS requests are blocked and web pages load
    so much faster and my privacy on the web is much improved.....

    See: https://ibb.co/d6mRZJg

    So all my computers have the same internet experience at home via the
    home DNS.

    I also set up and installed a Wireguard VPN server at home and put
    Wireguard on all my mobile phones. So all phones VPN back to my home and
    use *my* DNS rather than a public DNS liek cloudflare or Quad9 9 or
    Google's own. It does not matter if this is over Public Wifi or over the
    mobile phone network.

    So whenever I surf the internet on my smart phones anywhere in the
    world, I get the same experience as at home. This is really useful when
    the mobile data speed is not very good as I am avoiding downloading all
    the ads and trackers etc.

    However there are occasions where I am not at home and a smart phone
    just does not cut the mustard.

    So I am forced sometimes to surf the internet on a friends or family
    computer and I get force fed all these unwanted adverts and trackers.

    Now what I'd like to do is be able to surf the internet on any one's
    computer using my own home DNS.....

    Now the question is how to do this?

    Please assume the following:

    1. I have a static IP at home.

    2. I have fibre to the home which gives me 500 Mbit UP and 500 Mbit DOWN.

    3. I currently only have one port open on my fibre router for incoming connections to my Wireguard Server. This Wireguard server holds the DNS
    IP settings. There is just one port forwarding rule which forwards from
    the outside world to the Wireguard VPN server. Obviously, all
    connections are encrypted as the remote devices are running Wireguard VPN.

    4. My friends or family will typically have Chrome or Edge or Firefox
    browsers on their computers

    5. Assume I will not be allowed to or cannot download and install
    additional software to their computer.

    I have looked into having a virtual PC, such as Shadow as I could
    install Wireguard on that to connect back to home and a simple web
    browser can be used to access Shadow. However, I would have to pay from
    £30 a month. See https://shadow.tech/en-gb/

    I've wondered about setting up a Web top server on say a Raspberry Pi 4
    at home, but presumably I'd have to set up HTTPS as well for a secured connection as I can't use Wireguard on a remote PC.

    I would also have to set up a port forwarding rule for the Raspberry Pi
    4. As I understand it a Web Top presents a windows or linux desktop over
    a internet browser session. This would obviously be configured to use my
    Home DNS.

    I've heard of LogMeIn and GoToMyPC but that obviously requires a PC
    powered up at home to accept remote connections? Is this secure and
    could this be done on a Raspberry Pi running Linux? This would obviously
    be configured to use my Home DNS.

    Over to you all for discussion!

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