• Original price to high or offer too low?

    From David@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 30 15:44:22 2022
    <https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-SDCZ48-128G-U46-Ultra-Flash-Drive/dp/ B00P8XQPY4/>

    Allegedly down from £97.63 to £12.99.

    That would normally sound all kinds of alarms but this is from Amazon themselves not some unknown Chinese vendor.

    Ah! £19.99 from Currys.
    So the original price is very misleading but the current price looks OK.

    Not too bad for 128 GB.
    Looking for somewhere to store some music to play in our Motor Home and I
    can't find any really large USB pen drives.

    USB 3.1 might be nicer, but not really needed for playback.
    Think the connection is USB 2 anyway.


    Dave R

    Dell Latitude 7280 with Full HD and Thunderbolt (woo hoo)

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