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    On Jan 27, 2021, Ilya Shambat wrote
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    My handful of dust - and your fleeting glimpse -
    stir billion starflakes at night -
    swirling insanely
    in dissonance and delight -

    shadows of perpetuity
    gnawing, growling, gnarling malign
    glimmering incandescently
    in whispers of moonlight and brine

    screams the sun, gold untenable,
    bursts intention, alone,
    Here, here
    breathes essence, indelible,
    and Renders across the bone -

    Give me the spite and the daring -
    break me away to the wild -
    my life and my time, try Dissevering
    with tendrils of passion beguiled -

    hold heed the time pass irrevelance
    my soul in a bottle of clay
    that none of your burning ambivalence
    can suffer to.. melt away

    reaching for glorious nothing -
    swirling across the void -
    in shingles of consummation
    revivified and -
    destroyed -

    culprit -
    redemption -
    oblivion -
    imprint is torn apart -
    and hope shall have no dominion
    in an impregnable heart -

    My handful of dust - and your fleeting glimpse -
    A soul now dismembered complete -
    And universe - fervid with entropy -
    Charred palpable - and - indistinct...

    That’s pretty good.

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