• Cause and Effect.

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    I'm deterministic. Belief in cause and effect. Belief in science.

    There are non-deterministic conjectures around in other places than

    Like ...

    random/unpredictable genetic mutations
    random/unpredictable radioactive decay
    random/unpredictable vacuum fluctuations

    They will always only be conjecture because something
    random/unpredictable is not testable. Testing relies on a cause to make
    an effect.





    The reason I am religious is this logic...

    1) I am conscious.
    2) I am part of "The Whole".
    3) "The Whole" is part Me.
    4) "The Whole" is part conscious.

    That is my Pantheism.


    "Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity."

    To see God all you need to do is look at reality.

    Completely testable by the will of "The Whole".

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