• Imitation of Christ:

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    Imitation of Christ:

     Direct your zeal, therefore, first upon yourself; then you may with
    justice exercise it upon those about you. You are well versed in
    coloring your own actions with excuses which you will not accept from
    others, though it would be more just to accuse yourself and excuse
    your brother. If you wish men to bear with you, you must bear with
    them. Behold, how far you are from true charity and humility which
    does not know how to be angry with anyone, or to be indignant save
    only against self!
     a Kempis  Bk II  Ch 3  Goodness and Peace in Man

    March 6th - St. Eleutherius of Spoleto, OSB Abbot

    Died in Rome, Italy, c. 585-590. The Dialogues of Saint Gregory the
    Great tell us of the wonderful simplicity of this holy man, who was
    abbot of Saint Mark's near Spoleto and well-known as one favored by
    God with the gift of miracles. When Eleutherius proudly rebuked the
    devil, after delivering a child from possession and educating him at
    Saint Mark's: "Since the child, is among the servants of God, the
    devil dares not approach him," the devil again tormented the boy.
    Eleutherius confessed his vanity and ordered the whole community to
    fast and pray until the child was again freed.

    Later Saint Eleutherius resigned his abbacy and migrated to Saint
    Andrew's abbey founded by Saint Gregory in Rome, where he lived for
    many years as a simple monk. One Easter Eve Saint Gregory was unable
    to fast due to illness. He engaged Eleutherius to go with him to the
    church of Saint Andrew's and offer prayers to God for his health, that
    he might join the faithful in that solemn practice of penance.
    Eleutherius prayed with many tears, and the pope coming out of the
    church, found his himself so strengthened that he was able to fast as
    he desired. Saint Eleutherius raised a dead man to life. He died in
    Saint Andrew's monastery in Rome, but his body was translated to
    Spoleto (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

    Saint Quote:
    If people would do for God what they do for the world, my dear people,
    what a great number of Christians would go to Heaven! But if you dear
    children, had to pass three or four hours praying in a Church, as you
    pass them at a dance or in a cabaret, how heavily the world would
    press upon you.
    -- St John Vianney

    Bible Quote:
    I will accept of you for an odour of sweetness, when I shall have
    brought you out from the people, and shall have gathered you out of
    the lands into which you are scattered, and I will be sanctified in
    you in the sight of the nations. And you shall know that I am the
    Lord, when I shall have brought you into the land of Israel, into the
    land for which I lifted up my hand to give it to your fathers.
    [Ezekiel 20:41-42 ] DRB

    A Father's Prayer For Loved Ones.

    Kind Father, I thank You for my home where loved ones dwell
    and to which my fondest memories now turn.
    I praise You for the family love and peace and cheer
    which follow me and comfort me in strange and distant places.
    I am grateful for all things we share in common,
    the worthy lessons we learn,
    the hardships and griefs we sometimes bear,
    the tasks and pleasures which bind us closer to each other,
    and the abiding affection and heartfelt prayers
    which still keep our spirits one in You.
    Shelter my home. O God,
    and all my dear ones there.
    Make me strong, unselfish,
    and brave to defend and protect them.
    Send down Your peace to every family on earth
    and grant an abundance of grace to them
    so that in doing Your will
    they may merit the joys of eternal salvation. Amen.

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