• Do not offend in word

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    Do not offend in word

    If anyone does not offend in word, he is a perfect man, able also to
    lead round by a bridle the whole body...Behold, even the ships, great
    as they are, and driven by boisterous winds, are steered by a small
    rudder wherever the touch of the steersman pleases. So, the tongue
    also is a little member, but it boasts mightily. Behold, how small a
    fire--how great a forest it kindles! And the tongue is a fir, the very
    world of iniquity. The tongue is placed among our members, defiling
    the whole body, and setting on fire the course of our life, being
    itself set on fire by hell. For every kind of beast and bird, and of
    serpents and the rest, is tamed and has been tame by mankind; but the
    tongue no man can tame--a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With
    it we bless God the Father; and with it we curse men, who have been
    made after the likeness of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing
    and cursing. These things, my brethren, ought not to be so.
    --St James the Less

    March 4th - St. Lucius I, Pope
    253 - 254 AD

    St. Lucius, according to the "Liber Pontificalis," was a Roman, the
    son of Porphyrius. When he succeeded St. Cornelius, the persecution of Trebonianus Gallus was still raging, and the new Pope was exiled.
    Soon, however, the persecution died away and Lucius was able to return
    to Rome. There is extant a letter from St. Cyprian congratulating the
    Pope on his return from exile and praising him for his confession of

    St. Lucius continued the policy of Cornelius in admitting repentant
    apostates to communion after due penance. St. Cyprian praises him for

    The "Liber Pontificalis" attributes to Pope Lucius a decree ordering
    that two priests and three deacons should live with a bishop that they
    might be witnesses for him. Duchesne, however, considers this decree apocryphal.

    According to the "Liber Pontificalis," Pope Lucius was beheaded in the persecution of Valerian. This is almost certainly inaccurate, for
    Lucius died before the persecution of Valerian broke out. At any rate,
    St. Lucius died some time in the beginning of March 254, and was
    buried in the Cemetery of Calixtus. His tombstone has been discovered.
    The feast of St. Lucius is kept on March 4.


    Saint Quote:
    "We the Christians are the true Israel which springs from Christ, for
    we are carved out of His heart as from a rock."
    --St. Justin Martyr (d. 165)

    Bible Quote:
    Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and
    humble of heart: And you shall find rest to your souls.  For my yoke
    is sweet and my burden light. (Matt. 11:29-30) DRB

    Little Acts of Love

    Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, I give you my heart and my soul.
    Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, assist me in my last agony.
    Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you.

    From sudden and unprovided death, O Lord, deliver us.

    Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that we in the hour of death, being strengthened by the sacraments and cleansed of all sins, may with joy
    deserve to be received into the bosom of Thy mercy. Through Christ Our
    Lord. Amen

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