• Do you wish to RISE?

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    Do you wish to RISE?

    “Do you wish to RISE?
    Begin by DESCENDING.
    You plan a tower that will pierce the CLOUDS?
    Lay first the foundation of HUMILITY”
    “I will suggest a means whereby
    you can praise God all day long, if you wish.
    Whatever you do, do it well and you have praised God.”
    --St Augustine Father & Doctor of Grace

    28 August – St Edmund Arrowsmith S.J.

    Priest & Martyr – born in 1585 at Haydock, Lancashire, England as
    Brian Arrowsmith, his confirmation name was Edmund and he preferred to
    use it – died by being hanged, drawn and quartered on 28 August 1628
    at Lancaster, England. Additional Memorials – 25 October as one of the
    Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, 7 August as one of the Lancashire
    Martyrs and 29 October as one of the Martyrs of Douai.

    The main source of information on St Edmund is a contemporary account
    written by an eyewitness and published a short time after his death.
    This document, conforming to the ancient style of the “Acts of
    Martyrs” includes the story of the execution of another 17th-century
    Recusant martyr, Blessed Richard Herst (died 1628).

    Bryan Arrowsmith was born at Haydock, Lancashire, England, in 1585,
    the eldest child of Robert Arrowsmith, a yeoman farmer, who had served
    in Sir William Stanley’s regiment which fought for Spain in the Low Countries. His mother was Margery Gerard, a member of the Lancashire
    Gerard family. Among his mother’s relations was Father John Gerard,
    who wrote The Diary of an Elizabethan Priest, as well as another
    martyr, the Blessed Miles Gerard. He was baptised Brian, but always
    used his confirmation name of Edmund, after an uncle who trained
    English priests in France. The family was constantly harassed for its
    adherence to Roman Catholicism. One of his grandfathers died a
    confessor in prison. On one occasion, as a child, he was left
    shivering in his night-clothes by the pursuivants, who carried his
    parents off to Lancaster jail; he and his three siblings were cared
    for by neighbours

    In 1605, at the age of twenty, Edmund left England and went to the
    English College, Douai, to study for the priesthood. He was soon
    forced to return to England due to ill health but recovered and
    returned to Douai in 1607.

    Ecclesiastical career
    He was ordained in Arras on 9 December 1612 and sent on the English
    mission a year later. He ministered to the Catholics of Lancashire
    without incident until around 1622, when he was arrested and
    questioned by the Anglican Bishop of Chester. Edmund was released
    when King James I of England ordered an amnesty for all arrested
    priests, in furtherance of negotiations to arrange a Spanish marriage
    for his son Prince Charles. St Edmund joined the Jesuits in 1624.

    In the summer of 1628, Fr Edmund was reportedly betrayed by a man
    named Holden, who denounced him to the authorities. Arrowsmith
    ministered to Catholics of Lancashire at the still-standing Arrowsmith
    House, located in Hoghton before being arrested and questioned on
    Brindle Moss where his horse refused to jump a ditch. He was convicted
    of being a Roman Catholic priest in England. He was sentenced to
    death, and hanged, drawn and quartered at Lancaster on 28 August 1628.
    His final confession was heard by Saint John Southworth (1592-1654)
    Martyr, who was imprisoned along with Edmund.

    Edmund Arrowmith’s beatification occurred in 1929. He was canonszed as
    one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by Pope Paul VI in 1970.
    His hand was preserved and kept by the Arrowsmith family as a relic
    until he was beatified and it now rests in the Catholic Church of St
    Oswald and St Edmund Arrowsmith, Ashton-in-Makerfield (see images
    below). Stonyhurst College retains the small trunk of vestments and
    equipment which he carried from house to house.


    “You blind Pharisee! first cleanse the inside of the cup and of the
    plate, that the outside also may be clean.”…Matthew 23:26

    REFLECTION--“You are before God. Question your heart: see what you
    have done and what you have been yearning for there—your salvation or
    the windy praise of men. Look within, for a person cannot judge one
    whom he cannot see. If we are assuring our heart, let us assure it in
    his presence.
    “Because if our heart thinks badly”—that is, if it accuses us within, because we aren’t acting with the spirit with which we should be
    acting —“God is greater than our heart, and he knows all things”
    (v.20). You hide your heart from man--hide it from God if you can. How
    will you hide it from Him to whom it was said by a certain sinner in
    fear and confession: “Where shall 1 go from your spirit, and where
    shed! I flee from your face?”… For where does God not exist? “If,” he said, “I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to hell, you
    are present” (Ps 139[138]:7-8). Where will you go? Where will you
    flee? Do you want to hear some advice? If you want to flee from Him,
    flee to Him. Flee to Him by Confessing, not from Him by hiding, for
    you cannot hide, but you can Confess. Tell Him. “You are my refuge”
    (Ps 32[31]:7) and let there be nursed in you the love that alone leads
    to life.”…St Augustine (354-430)--Doctor of Grace

    Saint Quotes:
    “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance;
    to seek Him the greatest adventure;
    to find Him the greatest human achievement.”
    --St Augustine

    “You ask what you might offer to God?
    Offer yourself!
    What does God expect from you, except yourself?”
    --St Augustine

    “One of the holiest works,
    one of the best exercises of piety
    which we can practice in this world,
    is to offer sacrifices, alms and prayer for the dead.”
    --St Augustine

    “Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet.”

    “God has no need of your money
    but the poor have.
    You give it to the poor and God receives it.”
    --St Augustine

    “Our life and our death are with our neighbour.”
    --St Augustine

    PRAYER – Lord God, renew Your Church with the Spirit of wisdom and love
    which You gave to St Augustine. Lead us by that same Spirit, to seek
    You, the only fountain of true wisdom and the source of everlasting
    love. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, in union with the
    Spirit, one God, forever and ever, St Augustine, pray for the Church
    and for us all, amen.

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