• Starting from scratch once again

    From David Dalton@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 20 01:42:38 2023
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    August 20, 2023. To get UTC add 2.5 hours.
    (God’s Preeminence Day/Virtual Worlds Day/National RAdio Day)

    Note that I define my top deity or Deity Goddess as the ruler
    of all/everything, and I think many who have a Deity who they
    think is the ruler of all/everything call that Deity God, and
    Catholics who I know attend mass on Saturday night or
    Sunday morning.

    12:46 a.m. : reset to pre-judging.

    Goddess will be the only judge of my four components material.
    My other seven main deities and pMars and pVenus, who I
    formerly listed as judges as well, will be treated like other
    potential collaborators other than Goddess; they can choose
    to participate or not (I choose to participate). The same
    is true for my minor deity Jesus.

    Sudden evolution (or ongoing creation) is accepted.

    Goddess judged my four components material including
    evolution ideas 12:49 a.m. -->

    See the thread with the same name as this one on
    alt.religion.druid for further updates if you are interested,
    which I deem more likely if you notice effects.

    https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) "This could be the final breath; This is life and death;
    This is hard rock and water; Out here between wind and flame;
    Between tears and elation; Lies a secret nation" (Ron Hynes)

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