• Buddha's ascetic years: seven years or six years?

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    Did the Buddha's ascetic years last seven years or six years?

    I have seen six years mentioned on some sites, but at least
    one source said they lasted from age 28 to 35, which is
    seven years. So perhaps they rounded up to seven years.

    I am hoping to come out of my low years soon. They have
    lasted over 27.5 years so far, which rounds up to 28 years,
    which is twice the less common 14 years and four times the
    more common 7 years.

    However perhaps I will have to wait until exactly 28 years,
    or even worse, until 7 years plus two 11 year sunspot
    cycles, or (the one past case of) 18 years plus one
    11 year sunspot cycle.

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