• How is the body to become a sacrifice?

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    How is the body to become a sacrifice?

    Let the eye look on no evil thing, and it has already become a
    sacrifice. Let the tongue say nothing filthy, and it has become an
    offering. Let your hand do nothing evil, and it has become a whole
    burnt offering. But even this is not enough, for we must have good
    works also. The hand must do alms, the mouth must bless those who
    curse it, and the ears must find time to listen to the reading of
    Scripture. Sacrifice allows of no unclean thing. It is the first
    fruits of all other actions.
    St. John Chrysostom, Homilies on Romans 20.

    12 July – Saints Nabor and Felix of Milan

    Died c 304
    Martyrs, Roman Soldiers. Martyred during the Persecution under the
    Roman emperor Maximian.

    12 July is traditionally the Feast day of two early Martyrs of the
    Church of Milan, Saints Nabor and Felix, who have long occupied a
    prominent place in the Ambrosian Rite. Together with their fellow
    Soldier St Victor, they are named in the Communicantes of the
    Ambrosian Canon. In the Roman Rite, they have been kept as a
    commemoration on the Feast of St John Gualbert, since the early 17th

    The Hymn for Vespers of their Feast, which was composed by St Ambrose
    himself, refers to them as “Mauri genus – Moors by birth”, since they were from the Roman Province of Mauretania in Africa. It is also sung
    on the Feast of St Victor on 8 May, as he was also a Moor and Martyred
    in the same persecution – they may have all belonged to a Berber tribe
    known as the Gaetuli, a great many of whom served in the Roman armies
    in the 3rd and 4th centuries. A later tradition associates all three
    of them with the Theban Legion, partly because they were in Milan in
    service to the Emperor Maximian, who made his headquarters in that
    City and was the persecutor of that legion.

    Their 5th century Acts recount that they refused to sacrifice to the
    gods worshipped by the Empire and the army and were, therefore,
    beheaded at the City of Laus Pompeia (now called Lodi Vecchio). A
    noblewoman named Savina, a native of Milan married to a Patrician of
    Laus Pompeia, is said to have comforted them in prison and then to
    have secretly buried them in her own home after their execution. Once
    the persecution had ceased, in the year 310, she brought their relics
    to Milan, where they were laid to rest in the Chapel of her family,
    the Valerii. This Chapel then came to be known as the Basilica

    Within the Basilica of St Ambrose in Milan, the Chapel known as “San
    Vittore in Ciel d’Oro – St Victor in the Heaven of Gold” contains a mosaic portrait of the Bishop of Milan at the time of this
    translation, St Maternus, with the Martyrs to either side of him. On
    the opposite wall are St Ambrose with Ss Gervasius and Protasius,
    underlining the parallels between the two Bishops in their devotion to
    the Martyrs. And in point of fact, the place where St Ambrose
    discovered the relics of Gervasius and Protasius, was very close to
    the Basilica Naboriana.

    By 1249, the ancient Church was in very poor condition, and it was
    decided to entrust it to the then very new order of the Franciscans,
    recently arrived in Milan. A much larger Church was built to replace
    it, which was long known as San Francesco Grande. Devotion to the
    Martyrs was renewed, to such an extent, that in 1396, their Feast was
    declared a public holiday in Milan. In 1472, the relics were moved to
    be closer to the High Altar – the skulls of the two Martyrs were
    separated from the other bones and placed in their own bust-shaped
    Reliquaries, which were traditionally exposed on the Altar on major
    Feast days.

    In 1798, when the French armies under Napoleon invaded northern Italy
    and the religious Orders were suppressed throughout the region, the
    Church of San Francesco Grande was destroyed. The Martyrs’ relics were fortunately saved and brought to the Basilica of St Ambrose. Since
    1960, they have been enclosed within the Sarcophagus below, although
    some still reside in the Reliquary above.

    It was probably at this point that the Reliquaries containing the
    skulls disappeared, most likely stolen by French soldiers. It was not
    until 1959 that they were rediscovered, with both the relics and
    authentication papers sealed and intact, in an antique shop in Namur,
    Belgium. The Bishop of Namur, André Charue, to whom they had been
    handed over, then generously returned them to Milan. The Cardinal
    Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI, had
    them installed in a new Parish built on the outskirts of the City,
    where they remain to this day, after solemn expositions at both Milan
    and Lodi.


    Saint Quote:
    What toil we must endure, what fatigue, while we are attempting to
    climb hills and the summits of mountains! What, that we may ascend to
    heaven! If you consider the promised reward, what you endure is less. Immortality is given to the one who perseveres; everlasting life is
    offered; the Lord promises His Kingdom.
    --St. Cyprian of Carthage

    Bible Quote:
    Is Yahweh pleased by burnt offerings and sacrifices or by obedience
    to Yahweh's voice? Truly, obedience is better than sacrifice,
    submissiveness than the fat of rams. Rebellion is a sin of sorcery, presumption a crime of idolatry!" [1 Samuel 15:22-23]

    Two prayers:

    Grant me grace, O merciful God, to desire ardently all
    that is pleasing to Thee, to examine it prudently, to
    acknowledge it truthfully, and to accomplish it perfectly,
    for the praise and glory of Thy Name. Amen.


    O Mary, Mother of mercy and Refuge of sinners, we
    beseech thee, be pleased to look with pitiful eyes upon
    poor heretics and schismatics. Thou who are the Seat of
    Wisdom, enlightened the minds that are miserably
    enfolded in the darkness of ignorance and sin, that they
    may clearly know that the Holy Catholic Church is the
    one true Church of Jesus Christ, outside of which neither
    holiness nor salvation can be found. Call them to the
    unity of the one fold, granting them the grace to accept
    all the truths of our holy Faith, and to submit themselves
    to the Supreme Roman Pontiff, the Vicar of Jesus Christ
    on earth; that so, being united with us in the sweet chains
    of divine charity, there may soon be one only fold under
    the same one Shepherd; and may we all, O glorious
    Virgin, sing forever with exultation: Rejoice, O virgin
    Mary, thou only last destroyed all heresies in the whole
    world. Amen.

    Hail Mary... (thrice)

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