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    An angel kissed me
    With the wind
    Blowing away
    Evil built in

    An angel kissed me
    With the rain
    Washing away
    Life's hurt and pain

    An angel kissed me
    With the snow
    Delivering God's
    Word to and fro

    ~By Monique Nicole Fox~

    12 March – Blessed Jerome of Recanati OSA

    (Died 1350)
    Priest, Friar of the Hermits of Saint Augustine, peacemaker. Died on
    12 March 1350 in Recanati, Piceno, Italy of natural causes.

    The Roman Martyrology reads: “In Recanati in the Marche, Blessed
    Girolamo Gherarducci, Priest of the Order of the Hermits of St
    Augustine, who worked for peace and harmony between peoples.”

    Blessed Jerome of Recanati lived in the Augustinian Convent in his
    hometown, where he died on 12 March 1350. Very little is known about
    his life. Certainly he lived in a period of flowering of holiness in
    the Marches, just think of his most famous example: St Nicholas of
    Tolentino (1254-1305).

    In addition to the life of prayer, a peculiar characteristic of his
    apostolate, was the fact that he was a man who devoted himself to the pacification of souls in times of fratricidal struggles. As part of
    his ministry, he mediated numerous disputes between families and the
    City. It is said that he brought peace to the Cities of Ascoli and
    Fermo, which had been at war with each other for many a long year.

    To remember and imitate him, as early as 1369, the Town of Recanati
    was publicly celebrating the Feast of the blessed Jerome on the Second
    Sunday of Lent. On this occasion, until recent times, it chose twelve peacemakers from among the populace, six men and six women, whose responsibility it was, to settle disputes among the citizens.

    Pope Pius VII confirmed the cult of Jerome in 1804. His mortal remains
    are venerated in the Church of St Augustine in Recanati.


    “And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elias talking together
    with Him.” – Matthew 17:3

    How is it, that You dwell amongst men? You Who are Life and give life,
    how is it that You are hastening towards death? You Who dwell in the
    midst of those beings who are in the highest heavens, how is it that
    You make Your way lower than the most abandoned of beings, towards
    those who are dead?… For You wish to appear too to those who have been sleeping for ages past, to visit the patriarchs in the dwelling places
    of the dead, to descend to deliver Adam from his pains”… For it is
    thus, that “the just will shine out at the resurrection” (Mt 13,43);
    it is thus, that they will be glorified, even as they are
    – St Anastasius of Sinai (Died after 700) Monk (Sermon for the Feast
    of the Transfiguration).

    PRAYER – God our Father, Your rule is a rule of love, Your providence
    is full of mercy for Your people. Through the intercession of St
    Gregory, grant the spirit of wisdom and understanding in Your Word
    through Your Son Jesus Christ. Grant that by the light of His
    Resurrection we may know our eternal home and strive to attain eternal
    joy there with You. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, with the Holy
    Spirit, one God forever, amen.

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