• Clamshell Moon, with hope

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    For my latest progress, see "full steam ahead" and
    "Clamshell Moon, with hope" on alt.religion.druid,
    where I am referring to the giant clamshell in the
    Haida creation legend of The Raven and the First Men,
    which is said to have occurred on Rose Spit Beach,
    which of course I now relate to my blue rose vision.

    Why am I starting so long before full moon? Well,
    7-years-low-years figures started 1.5 days before
    full moon, rarer 14-years-low-years figures started
    2.5 days before full moon, the one 18-years-low-years
    humpback whale figure of about 4000 years ago started
    3 days before full moon, and I (now at a little more
    than 27 years) have started a little less than 4.5
    days before full moon, mainly because there are
    3582 human and cetacean popthroughs of the last
    12,000 years to get through and because there will
    be sudden evolution of all human, cetacean, and
    nonhuman simian species, and those will take a while.

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