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    1. What does the name illuminati refer to?
    Illuminati – or plural of the Latin word illuminatus, which means “enlightened” – is a name that has been in use since the end of the fifteenth century and has been applied to various groups since then. The members of these groups claim to be
    exceptionally enlightened, with "light" attributed to a superior source or to an exalted condition of human intelligence.

    The doctrines, practices and rituals of the two illuminati groups are generally wrapped in secrecy: the Bavarian illuminati adopted a figure to communicate with each other, as the Rosicrucian order claimed to be linked to secrecy for 100 years from its
    foundation. The doctrines of these groups have several different ideological influences, including Christian Gnosticism and Egyptian Hermeticism; The Bavarian group wanted to create a religion of reason. They are generally received by the censorship and
    resistance of the state. Many members of the Alumbrado movement at the beginning of the 16th century were victims of the Inquisition, and the Bavarian group ended up being dated by the government.

    2. Who are the origins of the Illuminati?
    Although the term Illuminati has been more associated with the movement of free republican thought of the 18th century in Bavaria, the word de facto has been in use since the end of the 15th century to refer to various groups. One of the first two
    illuminati groups were the Alumbrados (“Enlightened Ones”), whose movement began in Spain in the 16th century and has ideological roots not Gnosticism. A long-standing leader was María de Santo Domingo, a prophetess and mystic who claimed to speak
    directly with Jesus Christ as the Virgin Mary and was judged under the auspices of the Inquisition.

    Many Alumbrados later became victims of the Inquisition, and Santo Inácio de Loyola was accused of sympathizing with the Alumbrado movement. Another initial group associated with the Illuminati was the Rosicrucians, who caught the attention of the
    public at the beginning of the 16th century, but claimed to date back to 1422. Much is known about them since their first existing text, Fama Fraternitatis, published for the first time in 1614. , which reveals the day of its founder, Christian

    3. Who are some notable members of illuminati groups?
    Adam Weishaupt, two Bavarian illuminati, was seen as wealthy and socially important people when he was spreading his doctrine, and several notable figures are associated with the Bavarian movement. The literary giants Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and
    Johann Gottfried von Herder, just like several dukes, were claimed to be members of the Bavarian society, but how much they were really involved has not been answered. It is also credited that Weishaupt's illuminati included the astronomer Johann Bode,
    the writer and bookmaker Friedrich Nicolai, the philosopher Friedrich Jacobi and the poet Friedrich Leopold, Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg. Also, the British philosopher Francis Bacon was linked to the previous Rosicrucian order, while Saint Inácio de
    Loyola was associated with the Enlightened movement.

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