• We need God's blessing.

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    We need God's blessing.

    God takes our efforts for good and blesses them. God needs our
    efforts. We need God's blessing. Together, they mean spiritual
    success. Our efforts are necessary. We cannot merely relax and drift
    with the tide. We must often direct our efforts against the tide of
    materialism around us. When difficulties come, our efforts are needed
    to surmount them. But God directs our efforts into the right channels
    and God's power is necessary to help us choose the right.
    --From Twenty-Four Hours a Day

    26 December – St Pope Dionysius

    (Died 268)
    Bishop of Rome from 22 July 259 to his death on 26 December 268.
    According to early Church records, Dionysius was the first pope not
    martyred for his beliefs.

    Historians know very little about the early life of Dionysius except
    that he was Greek and Italian. Though his family came from Greece, he
    was born in Italy sometime around 200. Some believe that he was born
    in the small town of Terra Nova but others think that he was born in
    Magna Graecia. During his early years, he used the name Dionusius,
    which he changed to Dionysius upon becoming Pope.

    Dionysius was not the first man chosen for the next Pope after the
    death of Sixtus II. Pope Sixtus II was Martyred as were many other
    Christians at the time. It took nearly a year before Dionysius became
    the Pope and the Bishop of Rome.

    Pope Dionysius had an easier time than Sixtus II did, mainly because
    of the murder of Emperor Valerian. Valerian was known for the
    persecution of Christians but the King of Persia issued orders in 260
    that led to his capture and murder. Gallienus then became Emperor and
    issued orders that called for the tolerance of Christians. The new
    Emperor helped rebuild churches and allowed Christians to practice
    again. This period became known as the Little Peace of the Church,
    which lasted for nearly four decades.

    Though his predecessor ruled for less than one year, Pope Dionysius
    reigned for more than nine years and a total of 3,445 days. He was
    likely in his late 50s when he assumed the throne and in his late 60s
    when he died. Due to his age, many historians believe that he died of
    old ages or natural causes. As with previous popes, the Church had his
    body interred in the Cemetery of Callistus. Many recognise him as a
    calm and peaceful man who worked hard to reorganise the Church after
    the many years of persecution and to care for the Christians under his
    care, in his role as the Holy Vicar of Christ.


    Saint Quote:
    I wish I could persuade spiritual persons that the way of perfection
    does not consist in many devices, nor in much cogitation, but in
    denying themselves completely and yielding themselves to suffer
    everything for love of Christ. And if there is failure in this
    exercise, all other methods of walking in the spiritual way are merely
    a beating about the bush, and profitless trifling, although a person
    should have a very high contemplation and communication with God.
    --St. John of the Cross

    Bible Quote:
    "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him
    in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also
    will hear their cry and save them." (Psalm 145:18-19)

    The Truth Speaks within Us without Noise of Words

    God speaks to the understanding by the light of His Spirit, and to
    the heart by His holy inspirations. All that the Prophets deliver in
    the Word of God, all the truths which preachers announce to us, cannot enlighten the understanding nor touch the heart, if God Himself speak
    not to us by the motions of His grace. We should therefore entreat the
    Lord to speak to our interior while we exteriorly attend to or read
    divine truths, for fear that hearing the word of God and not keeping
    it, knowing His doctrines and not following them, conscious of His
    will and not doing it we should become more and more culpable in His

    Prayer: Speak to me, O Lord, speak in such a manner to my soul that I
    may hear and obey Thee. Make known to me Thy designs for my salvation
    and enable me to execute them. Teach me and all Christians, O Jesus,
    what Thou art to us, and what we ought to be to Thee. Instruct us in
    the sacred maxims of Thy Gospel, and induce us to practice them, for
    what will it avail us to believe Thy heavenly doctrines, if we
    endeavor not to follow them, and to live, as well as to believe, as
    becometh Christians? O eternal Word of the Father, by which He spoke,
    and all things were made, speak to my soul, say to it, I am thy
    salvation. Work in me to will and to do, and consummate my salvation.
    --Thomas à Kempis, From the Imitation of Christ

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