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    The true progress of man lieth in self-denial  [IV]

    4. The true progress of man lieth in self-denial, and a man who
    denieth himself is free and safe.  But the old enemy, opposer of all
    good things, ceaseth not from temptation; but day and night setteth
    his wicked snares, if haply he may be able to entrap the unwary.
    Watch and pray, saith the Lord, lest ye enter into temptation.(1
    Matthew xxvi. 41)
    --Thomas à Kempis --Imitation of Christ  Book 3 Ch 39

    14 January – Blessed Alfonsa Clerici SPS

    Virgin, Religious of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of Monza –
    an order that Venerable Maria Matilde Bucchi founded.  Alfonsa served
    as an Teacher and a apostle of the education of the poor while serving
    in leadership positions to that effect.

    Alfonsa Clerici was born on 14 February 1860 near Milan, the eldest of
    ten children to Angelo and Maria Romano Clerici, four of whom died in infancy.  She was baptised on 15 February in the church of San Vittore
    Martire and received her entrance into the faith from Father Francesco Spreafico.

    Two of her brothers, Ildefonso and Prospero, joined the Clerics
    Regular of St Paul, while her sister, Bonaventura became a professed
    member of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood in Monza. On 6
    October 1868, at the age of eight, Alfonsa received Confirmation in
    the church of Saint Stephen and her First Communion was celebrated
    sometime between 1870 and 1872.

    In 1875 Alfonsa enrolled at the College of the Precious Blood in
    Monza. She graduated in 1879 and went on to teach in the Lainate
    community school for four years.  Alfonsa felt a strong desire to
    enter the religious life but decided to postpone her plans, since she
    still had to support her parents and her siblings. She pursued her
    call not long after and joined the Monza sisters on 15 August 1883,
    the Feast of the Assumption. Their apostolate is the education of
    young people. Alfonsa received the habit and commenced her period of
    novitiate in August 1884 while making her first vows on 7 September
    1886, a few weeks prior to this her sister made her solemn profession
    into the congregation.

    Alfonsa served as a teacher at the Monza sisters’ college from 1887 to
    1889 and was made vice-director on 18 October 1898. The following
    month she was appointed director. She also served as secretary and
    general adviser to her Institute.

    In 1911, Bishop Teodoro Valfré di Bonzo asked Alfonsa to take over
    management of the lead the House of Providence established in Vercelli
    in 1840 for the education of the girls and daughters of poor families.
    Alfonsa relocated to Vercelli on 20 November 1911 and would remain
    there for the next 19 years.

    Mother Alfonsa suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on the night of 12–13
    January 1930 while in prayer and fell face down on the ground. She
    died at 13:30 on 14 January 1930, one month short of her seventieth
    birthday. She was buried in Vercelli after a 16 January funeral but
    was re-interred in Monza on 8 May 1965.

    The miracle needed for her Beatification involved the healing of the
    near-fatal heart condition of Nedo Frosini after his wife Carla Demi
    Frosini turned to the intercession of the late religious. With the
    recognition of the miracle on 1 July 2010, Pope Benedict XVI approved
    the Beatification to take place. Archbishop Angelo Amato, Pro-Prefect
    of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, presided over the
    Beatification on the Pope’s behalf on 23 October 2010, in the Piazza
    of San Eusebio, Diocese of Vercelli, Italy.


    Bible Quote:
    He that believeth in me, as the scripture saith: Out of his belly
    shall flow rivers of living water. Jn 7:38

    God sends his heaviest crosses
    To those he calls his own,
    And the bitterest drops of the chalice
    Are reserved for his friends alone.
    But the blood-red drops are precious,
    And the crosses are all gain,
    For joy is bought with sacrifice,
    And the price of love is pain.
    (Author unknown)

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