• Appreciating God's Grace

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    Appreciating God's Grace

    Be grateful, therefore, for the least gift and you will be worthy
    to receive a greater. Consider the least gift as the greatest, the
    most contemptible as something special. And, if you but look to the
    dignity of the Giver, no gift will appear too small or worthless. Even
    though He give punishments and scourges, accept them, because He acts
    for our welfare in whatever He allows to befall us.
    He who desires to keep the grace of God ought to be grateful when
    it is given and patient when it is withdrawn. Let him pray that it
    return; let him be cautious and humble lest he lose it.
    Imitation of Christ:-- a Kempis Bk II Ch 10

    • October 26th - Saint Evaristus, Pope and Martyr

    (died 107)
    Pope Saint Evaristus was the 4th successor of Saint Peter. While
    little is known about this 5th pope, we do know that Saint Evaristus
    governed the Church for 9 years, during which time he laid the
    groundwork for future Church policy. Saint Evaristus was profoundly
    committed to the expansion of vocations in the Church. The institution
    of cardinal priests is ascribed to him, as he is the pope who first
    divided Rome into several titles or parishes, assigning a priest to
    each. He also appointed seven deacons to attend the bishop and
    conferred holy orders 3 times in the month of December which was quite
    unusual, given that these ceremonies were generally reserved for
    seasons of fasting and prayer.

    Saint Evaristus lived in the 2nd century, born into a Jewish family in Bethlehem. He is often depicted in art accompanied by a crib,
    reflecting his close ties to Christ, due to the place of his birth.
    Saint Evaristus’ parents immigrated to Greece while he was very young,
    and the future pope was brought up in the Jewish faith. Pious,
    knowledgeable, and virtuous, Evaristus received the best education of
    the time.

    As he grew, he was more and more drawn to Christianity, and eventually
    he became a priest, traveling to Rome, and engaging in ministry there
    despite the growing threat and persecution of Christians. He was much
    admired for his devotion to the Lord, service to others, and
    commitment to the teachings of Christ. So loved was he that when Pope Anancletus (who had elevated him to bishop) was martyred, Saint
    Evaristus was selected to replace him. For his part, Evaristus
    proclaimed his belief that he was unworthy to take the throne of
    Peter, but the Lord saw to his ascension.

    Pope Saint Evaristus led the Church for approximately 8 years, during
    which time he organized the Roman See, instructed and encouraged the
    clergy, and prepared the faithful for the persecution that was
    imminent. He wrote several letters, each reinforcing the teachings of
    the Church. In his first epistle, addressed to the bishops of Africa,
    Evaristus decreed that 7 deacons were to monitor a bishop’s preaching,
    to ensure that he did not lapse from the true teachings. Evaristus did
    not wish to see undue accusations aimed at his bishops, yet reserved
    solely to the See of Rome the power to terminate any bishop as a
    result of this indiscretion. His second epistle drew a comparison
    between the lasting bond of husband and wife and that of a bishop and
    his diocese.

    During the leadership of Pope Saint Evaristus, the clergy were
    solidified and the congregations of believers grew at an astounding rate--largely due to his love and zeal for the truth of Christ.
    However, as were most popes at that time of Church formation,
    Evaristus was eventually arrested during the reign of Emperor
    Domitian, and sentenced to death for being a Christian. As he was
    taken to prison, his jailers were amazed to see the joy on his face,
    as he thought himself privileged to have been found worthy to suffer
    and die for Jesus. He was martyred by decapitation, and his remains
    were buried in the Vatican near the tomb of Saint Peter.

    While little is known about the life of our 5th pope, we can feel
    certain of his commitment to, and love of, the Lord. Pope St Evaristus inherited a difficult task--to assume the leadership of a Church beset
    by persecution and suffering. Rather than turning outward, this great
    leader looked within the Church, strengthening the roles of bishops
    and clergy, preparing the faithful to survive and thrive during their suffering, as Jesus did. His simple faith, love, and courage helped
    prepare the Church to weather the great storm!

    Saint Quote:
    What I recommend most earnestly is not to lose heart when you are
    tempted. Do you wish to succeed? The best way is to reveal the
    temptations to your spiritual director immediately. The devil loves
    darkness. He always operates in the dark because he knows that if he
    is discovered he is beaten.
    --St. John Bosco

    Bible Quote:
    "It was by faith that Abraham obeyed the call to set out for a country
    that was the inheritance given to him and his descendants, and that he
    set out without knowing where he was going. By faith he sojourned in
    the Promised Land as though it were not his, living in tents with
    Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise."
    [Hebrews 11:8-9[

    Hail, Sweet Jesus!
    Prayer to Christ
    in His Passion and Death
    By St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)

    Hail, sweet Jesus!
    Praise, honour and glory be to Thee, O Christ,
    Who, of Thou own accord, embraced death,
    and recommending Thyself to Thy heavenly Father,
    bowing down Thy venerable Head,
    did yield up Thy Spirit.
    Truly thus giving up Thy life for Thy sheep,
    Thou hast shown Thyself, to be the Good Shepherd.
    Thou died, O Only-begotten Son of God.
    Thou died, O my beloved Saviour,
    that I might live forever.
    O how great hope,
    how great confidence have
    I reposed in Thy Death and Thy Blood!
    I glorify and praise Thy Holy Name,
    acknowledging my infinite obligations to Thee.
    O good Jesus,
    by Thy bitter Death and Passion,
    give me grace and pardon.
    Give unto the faithful departed,
    rest and life everlasting.

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