• How we should Bless God in all Trouble [I]

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    How we should Bless God in all Trouble [I]

    Blessed be Thy holy Name forever, O Lord.(I Peter 1:3) I know that
    it is by Thy will that temptation and trouble come upon me. I cannot
    escape it, but must needs come to Thee for help, that it may be turned
    to my good. Lord, I am tormented and uneasy in mind, and my present
    troubles weigh heavy on me. Most loving Father, what may I say? I am
    in dire straits. Save me from this hour. (John 12:27) Yet it is for
    Thy glory that I have been brought to this hour, and that I may learn
    that Thee alone can deliver me from the depths of my humiliation. Of
    Thy goodness, deliver me, O Lord (Ps. 37:40) For what can I do,
    helpless as I am; and where can I go without Thine aid? Give me
    patience, Lord, even in this trial. Grant me help, and I shall fear
    nothing, however hard pressed I may be.
    --Thomas à Kempis --Imitation of Christ, Bk 3, Ch 29

    22 September – Saint Gunthildis of Suffersheim
    (Died c 1057)
    Laywoman, apostle of the poor. Patronages – cattle, lepers, servants.
    Also known as Gunthild.

    Historical certainty of her life has not been passed down. The name
    comes from Old High German and means “the combative fighter.” She is
    said to have been a pious maid who was distinguished by special
    charity. She died around 1057 in Suffersheim in Bavaria. According to
    another tradition, Gunthildis is said to have been a disciple of St
    Willibald who came to Germany from southern England in the 8th

    Gunthildis from Suffersheim served as a cattle maid and led a very
    pious and devout life in the midst of her rural work. She remains a
    constant model for all the maidservants in the country. Devoted to all
    virtues, she was especially distinguished by compassion and merciful
    love. Her greatest joy was giving alms to the poor. Through her prayer
    God caused two crystal-clear springs to appear, one from a rock.
    Through the latter, a leper obtained perfect healing. Gunthildis drove
    the cattle to these sources of clear and refreshing water. After
    drinking from these springs, the cows gave an extraordinary amount of
    milk. Gunthildis shared this abundant blessing with the poor of the neighbourhood.

    When she once wanted to carry the milk she had saved from her own
    mouth to poor people, she met her employer. Very angry, he asked her
    what she was carrying. She replied that it was only lye. And the
    employer only saw lye when he opened the vessel. In this service, the
    pious maid endured until the end of her life. She died a blessed
    death, rich in graces and virtues.

    The body of the maid, generally venerated as a Saint, was loaded onto
    a cart and two untamed oxen hitched to it. They calmly carried her
    body to Suffersheim. Here they stopped. Thus it was understood that
    Gunthildis should be buried there. Soon afterwards, many miracles
    occurred at her grave. As a result, a Chapel was built over this
    grave, although it no longer exists. Today, next to the foundations of
    this Chapel uncovered in 1957, there is a new Gunthildis Chapel built
    from 1993 to 1995.


    And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority
    over all demons and to cure diseases and he sent them out to preach
    the kingdom of God and to heal. … Luke 9:1-2

    For this Name took root and was propagated all the more, whereas its
    enemies were destroyed and consumed and, living men fighting a dead
    One, gained not a stroke. … For publicans and fishermen set up those
    very things, by the goodness of God, which philosophers and orators
    and despots and the whole world, vainly striving with all its might,
    could not even devise.… This was in Paul’s mind when he said: “the weakness of God is stronger than all men put together.”
    How, otherwise, was it that twelve unlettered men attempted things of
    this importance?!
    – St John Chrysostom 345-407) Bishop of Constantinople, Father &
    Doctor of the Church (4th Homily on 1 Corinthians)

    Saint Quote:
    A great help to you always be a great love for, and unlimited confidence in, Our
    Blessed Lady, Help of Christians, Mother of God, and your Mother also. She says to you: "Whoever is little, let him come to me." If you will love her, she will shower on you many graces in this life, and be an assurance to you of Heaven --St. John Bosco

    Bible Quote:
    And stretch out thy hand to the poor, that thy expiation and thy
    blessing may be perfected. A gift hath grace in the sight of all the
    living, and restrain not grace from the dead. Be not wanting in
    comforting them that weep, and walk with them that mourn. Be not slow
    to visit the sick: for by these things thou shalt be confirmed in
    love. In all thy works remember thy last end, and thou shalt never
    sin. [Sirach 7: 36 40] DRB

    Bible Quote:
    God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the strong.
    (I Cor. 1:27)

    Domine Sancte, Pater Omnipotens (O Holy Lord, Father Almighty):

    A prayer by St. Bonaventure (1218-1274) who was the greatest exponent of Mystical Theology in the Middle Ages.

    O holy Lord, Father almighty, everlasting God, for the sake of Thy
    bounty and that of Thy Son, Who for me endured suffering and death;
    for the sake of the most excellent holiness of His Mother and the
    merits of all the Saints, grant unto me a sinner, unworthy of all Thy blessings, that I may love Thee only, may ever thirst for Thy love,
    may have continually in my heart the benefits of Thy passion, may
    acknowledge my own wretchedness and may desire to be trampled upon and
    be despised by all men; let nothing grieve me save guilt. Amen.

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