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    Jean Claude Roy is an artist who was born in France but now
    spends some of his time in Newfoundland (Terre-Neuve). His
    website is http://jcroy.com/site/ . There you can see that in almost
    all of his paintings he has a distinctive distorted diamond shaped
    sun. Not long ago, using my avatar type abilities, I facilitated
    a soul alignment between all occurrences of that shape in
    his past, current, and future paintings, prints, and other reproductions
    (e.g. in The Newfoundland Quarterly, and I think in at least
    one book, and of course on his website) with Sola (the someone
    who is the sun). This alignment is similar to the one that
    Jesus did between himself and the then and future (to then)
    sacramental bread and wine at The Last Supper.

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