• To such belongs the Kingdom

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    To such belongs the Kingdom

    "Why did the disciples keep the children back? Not because of the children's wickedness but because it was not the right time. They did
    not want the Lord to be tired by the great crowd. To them he said,
    'Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such
    belongs the kingdom of heaven.' For children are ignorant of
    wickedness. They do not know how to return evil for evil or how to do
    someone an injury. They do not know how to be lustful or to fornicate
    or to rob. What they hear, they believe. They love their parents with
    complete affection. Therefore, beloved, the Lord instructs us that
    what they are by the gift of nature, we should become by the fear of
    God, a holy way of life and love of the heavenly kingdom--for unless
    we are alien to all sin just like children, we cannot come to the
    by Epiphanius the Latin (excerpt from INTERPRETATION OF THE GOSPELS 25)

    30 August – Blessed John Roche

    (Died 1588)
    Lay Martyr Born in Ireland and died by being hanged on 30 August 1588
    at Tyburn, London, England. Also known as – John Neele, John Neale. Patronages – boatmen, mariners, sailors, watermen. Additional feast
    days – He is counted among the English Martyrs on 22 November and is
    also venerated in Ireland where his feast is celebrated on 20 June.

    John Roche was born in Ireland and, as a young man, he went to London
    where he found work as a servant and a waterman. As was common at that
    time, Catholics often worked under an alias and Roche sometimes used
    the name of John Neale. A devout Catholic, he became involved with
    Margaret Ward and others who were aiding persecuted Priests. One such
    Priest was Fr William/Richard Watson.

    Fr Watson had been arrested and tortured and, upon learning of this,
    Margaret Ward began visiting the Priest in Bridewell Prison.
    Eventually she devised a plan to help him escape. She smuggled a
    length of rope into the prison and , at a prearranged time, he was to
    let himself down from his cell which was at the top of the prison
    building. She found two Catholic watermen who would be waiting nearby
    with a boat to spirit the Priest away. However, the two watermen lost
    their nerve and backed out. Margaret did not give up! She approached
    John Roche who readily agreed to assist the Priest. Disastrously, the
    rope was too short and the Priest had to jump the remaining distance.
    He crashed down onto a shed below, breaking his right arm and leg.
    Immediately, John Roche ran to his assistance and carried him to the
    boat. Of course, the clatter had alerted the jailor and others and the
    rope, still dangling from the cornice, was discovered. Margaret Ward,
    being Fr Watson’s only visitor, was swiftly arrested.

    John had managed to get the Priest to safety and he was recuperating
    in John’s house. When he had recovered, John swapped clothes with him
    and the Priest got safely away. Sadly, John, in the Priest’s clothes,
    was spotted by the jailor who arrested him. He was vigorously
    interrogated and eventually admitted his role in the escape of Fr
    Watson. He was charged with treason and condemned to death. Offered a
    full pardon if he would seek the Queen’s forgiveness and attend a
    Protestant service, John Roche refused both!

    On 30 August 1588, John Roche and Margaret Ward were hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn. Four other Catholics, including Welshman Richard
    Flowers, were executed with them that day.
    On 15 December 1929, Pope Pius XI Beatified John Roche.


    Saint Quote:
    It behooves thee to be very careful, for thou livest under the eyes of
    the Judge who beholds all things.
    -- St. Bernard

    Bible Quote:
    Let your manners be without covetousness, contented with such things
    as you have. For he hath said: I will not leave thee: neither will I
    forsake thee. [Hebrews 13:5] DRB


    Crystalline brilliance of light so endowed,
    To Mary, our Mother, for Her heavenly shroud,
    Love's own white fire, a fire that heals,
    The souls She will come to when answering appeals.
    The stars of divinity set in Her crown,
    Send shimmering stardust to earthly abounds;
    Soft velvet whispers that need no translation,
    To carry Her message to souls of all nations.
    This is the aura that streams from above,
    Sent forth from the heavens and the Father of love.
    Soft velvet whispers that need no translation,
    To carry Her message to souls of all nations.
    This is the aura that streams from above,
    Sent forth from the heavens and the Father of love.

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