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    14 June – St Marcian of Syracuse

    (Died c 68)
    Martyr, Bishop of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy, Disciple of and Consecrated
    by St Peter, Missionary, Evangelist. Born in the first century in
    Antioch and died in c 68 in Syracuse, Italy by murder. Patronages –
    Cities of Gaeta and Syracuse, Italy. Also known as Marcellus.

    The Roman Martyrology states of him today: “At Syracuse, St Marcian,
    Bishop, who was Consecrated Bishop by the blessed St Peter and killed
    by the Jews after he had preached the Gospel.”

    Marcian is considered the first evangeliser of Christianity in that
    Italian City, where he arrived in the year 39, sent by Saint Peter, of
    whom he was a disciple. He is considered the first Bishop of Syracuse.

    His preaching was completed with that of Saint Paul.

    He made many conversions, for which he suffered persecution by the
    local Jewish community and in the year 68 he was Martyred.

    His body is venerated in the Cathedral of Gaeta, the City of which he
    is a Co-patron but the oldest representation is found in the Catacomb
    of Santa Lucia in Syracuse.

    Purity of Intention

    “St Alphonsus indicates the signs by which we can judge whether our
    actions are performed from the pure intention of pleasing God.

    ...You know that He is not concerned with the outcome of your work but
    only with whether you have undertaken it with the purpose of pleasing
    (2) The second proof is that you are as pleased with the good which is
    worked by means of others, as if it had been achieved through you.
    (3) The third sign is that you do not long for one position rather
    than another but, are content with whatever Providence has arranged
    for you, so that you seek only to please God in everything which you
    (4) The final proof is that you do not look for approval or gratitude
    because of your good actions.

    Saint Quote
    True obedience manifests itself in executing gladly and without any
    repugnance, things which are objects of antipathy or contrary to one's interests.
    --St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

    Bible Quote:
    But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. 18 For not he who
    commendeth himself, is approved, but he, whom God commendeth. (2 Cor. 10:17-18)

    Adoro Te Devote (Paraphrased)

    I adore You my hidden God truly present beneath the form and
    appearance of bread and wine. My mind cannot grasp this Mystery but
    my heart can understand. My senses fail me but I believe for You
    have said it. You are the Word of truth that lasts forever. Only
    listening to You is my trust secure. On the Cross You hid Your
    Divinity but in the Holy Eucharist You have hid Your Humanity too.
    Unto both alike I profess my belief like the Good Thief who
    professed it to You.

    Though I do not see Your Wounds like Thomas yet I profess You my
    Lord and my God. Help me believe in You, hope in You and love You
    more and more. You left this Sacrament not only as a reminder of
    Your Saving Death but as a Living Bread which gives me Your life to
    share. Enable me to taste Your sweetness here on earth.

    O Jesus, grant me, a sinner, to be washed in Your Precious Blood.
    That Blood of which a single Drop could save all the world.
    Contemplating Your hidden Presence in the Holy Eucharist grant me
    what my soul hungers and thirsts for, to behold Your Divinity and
    Glory in Heaven both now and forevermore. Amen.

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