• Refilling Pandora's Box

    From David Dalton@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 29 21:51:01 2022
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    This is an update to my thread of late last year which was
    entitled "taking away the sins of the world".

    I define Goddess as the ruler of the region all/everything,
    who many call God.

    As of 0313 UTC April 29, Goddess and other popthrough collaborators
    have adjusted the sins in the popthrough funnel sub cumulative.

    As of 2343 UTC April 29, Goddess has adjusted the sins in
    the main funnel component.

    You can look at this as putting the sins of the world back
    in Pandora's Box (or Urn).

    I also liken this to Jesus being tempted by Satan in the
    wilderness, by which I think he experienced tendencies
    to sin and both rejected them and funnelled them to be
    adjusted (effectively removed) by his Deity on his region.
    However his region was much smaller than my global one,
    and the removal of sins was eventually degraded by
    immigration into the region by some who were not covered.

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