• night of the goddesses

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    On Dec 23, 2020, David Dalton wrote
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    Earlier tonight past devi types, dating back as long as 11,000
    years ago, along with collaborators, activated some workings
    that should affect their followers globally.

    The workings will not affect just their followers.

    But they did not come on last night, it seems I am getting
    only one item per night, and last night I got the
    funnel+popthrough funnel sub cumulative,which I
    have discussed on here before.

    Tonight, as of 10:25 p.m. NST Dec. 23 (0155 UTC Dec. 24), the
    popthrough devi type stuff subs+Sarah stuff
    has begun to come on, and I expect they will take a few hours.

    These devi type workings are effectively a capstone to my
    four components (global new age onset magickal workings)
    and I think everything else is on.

    Happy Tibb’s Eve,

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