• Walk as Christ has walked

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    Walk as Christ has walked

    "When the Lord tells us in the Gospel that anyone who wants to be his
    follower must renounce himself, the injunction seems harsh; we think
    he is imposing a burden on us. But an order is no burden when it is
    given by one who helps in carrying it out. To what place are we to
    follow Christ if not where he has already gone? We know that he has
    risen and ascended into heaven; there, then, we must follow him. There
    is no cause for despair--by ourselves we can do nothing, but we have
    Christ’s promise... One who claims to abide in Christ ought to walk as
    he walked. Would you follow Christ? Then be humble as he was humble.
    Do not scorn his lowliness if you want to reach his exaltation. Human
    sin made the road rough. Christ’s resurrection leveled it. By passing
    over it himself, he transformed the narrowest of tracks into a royal
    highway. Two feet are needed to run along this highway; they are
    humility and charity. Everyone wants to get to the top--well, the
    first step to take is humility. Why take strides that are too big for
    you--do you want to fall instead of going up? Begin with the first
    step, humility, and you will already be climbing."
    by Caesarius of Arles (470-543 AD)(excerpt from SERMONS 159, 1.4–6)

    January 18th – Blessed Christina Ciccarelli, Virgin
    Also known as
    Christina of Aquila
    Christine of l’Aquila
    Matthia Ciccarelli

    d. 1543
    THE family name of this Christina was Ciccarelli, and when she was
    born in the Abruzzi she received in baptism the name of Matthia.
    Entering the convent of Augustinian hermitesses at Aquila at an early
    age, she was there called Sister Christina. In the cloister she showed
    herself a model of virtue, but she was especially remarkable for her
    humility and love of the poor. She gave long hours to prayer, was
    often rapt in ecstasy, and seemed to possess a knowledge of future
    events. She is also said to have practised severe penance, and to have
    worked many miracles, but our information about her is scanty. When
    she died on January 18, 1543, it is stated that the children of Aquila
    went through the town proclaiming the news of her death by “shouting
    and singing”, with the result that an enormous concourse of people
    attended her obsequies. The cultist paid to her from time immemorial
    was confirmed in 1841.

    Two facts stand out as distinctive in the life of Christine: her
    devotion to the eucharist ­ she had a famous vision once on the feast
    of Corpus Christi; and her devotion to the passion.

    She died on 18 January, the eve of the opening of the Council of
    Trent. She was laid to rest in the monastery of Saint Lucy and, when
    it was suppressed in 1908, her remains were transferred to the
    Augustinian monastery of Sant’Amico, also in L’Aquila.

    Her feast is celebrated by the Augustinian Family on 18 January.

    See P. Seeböck, Die Herrlichkeit der Katholischen Kirche (1900), p.
    297, and biographical details in the decree of confirmation.


    Jesus, our Lord, save me from my sins.
    Come, protect me from all dangers and lead me to salvation.

    Come! Wisdom of our God Most High,
    guiding creation with power and love:
    teach me to walk in the paths of knowledge!

    Come! Leader of ancient Israel,
    giver of the Law of Moses on Sinai:
    rescue me with Your might power!

    Come! Flower of Jesse's stem,
    sign of God's love for all His people:
    save me without delay!

    Come! Key of David,
    opening the gates of God's eternal Kingdom:
    free the prisoners of darkness!

    Come, Emmanuel, God's presence among us, our King, our Judge:
    save us, Lord our God!

    Come, King of all nations,
    source of Your Church's unity and faith:
    save all mankind, Your own creation!

    Come, Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, Sun of Justice:
    shine on those lost in the darkness of death!

    Come, Lord Jesus, do not delay;
    give new courage to Your people who trust in Your love.
    By Your coming, raise us to the joy of Your Kingdom,
    where you live and reign with the Father
    and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever. Amen.

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