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    About a week ago I started a thread of the same name as this
    one on alt.religion.druid but I think I have few readers there
    so I figured that I would post the essential details here as well,
    though for future updates I will post mainly to alt.religion.druid
    unless there are questions on here.

    Basically I think that my four components (global new age
    onset magickal workings) are partly on but that I cannot
    proceed further without feedback from someone saying
    they have evidence that something is on. Below I
    first give a checklist of what I divine is on and then
    I discuss possible effects that you might notice, including
    on sexuality, and including some charisma modulation.

    checklist of what is on and what is not yet on: -----------------------------------
    main stack in place incorporating 40 expanded workings

    adjustments of non-sins stuff (spells/etc): on
    adjustments of sins in the p.f.s.c.: on
    adjustments of sins in the m.f.c.: calculations done

    species someone adjustments: done
    regular, additional, and further HDBE: done
    s.m.p.e.. setup: in progress

    assisted shaktipat:
    a.s.. 1--46 + add-ons: delivered, but connections not used yet
    a.s.c. (1) -- (6): not turned on yet

    popthrough and post-popthrough updates to the m.s.h.c.p.
    and m.s.g.s.b. calculated: yes

    m.s.h.c.p. update installation done: just for
    medium good and better

    m.s.g.s.b. update installation: has converged to
    ghuman+gcetacean so all interactions except those
    involving species in ghuman+gcetacean have been
    covered (so e,.g. interactions between Cat and
    Tuna have been covered, but not interactions between
    Orca and Tuna yet).

    blocks 1--7: lifted as of tonight

    Now what about effects of the above?

    The effects of the m.s.g.s.b. update might be visible
    in wildlife other than cetaceans, agricultural animals,
    and pets by now, though the last two groups might
    not be able to choose their food.

    The effects of the ms.h.c.p. should include charisma
    modulation of medium good to extreme good that
    is not visible to the one being modulated but should
    be visible to everyone else. And there may be a
    money/time/etc tug and/or delivery operating just
    within the group of medium to extreme good for
    now. And there should be good intuition for medium
    to extreme good and their h.c.p.should be readable
    by those with confession divination ability and/or
    regular diviner special ability or a subset ability that
    can be used for readings.

    Some (including some a.s.r.) should have already
    received some retroactive bounce for past negative
    magick spells, and ongoing such bounce (not for a.s.r.)
    is in place for millions of spells. Also the anti-religious
    figure spell and anti-political-figure spell have
    been adjusted as I have discussed extensively before.

    Sins in the p.f.s.c. that have been adjusted include
    blind adherence to scripture, political corruption, desire
    to hang on to political power at all costs, sexual
    obsession including stalking, addiction of abused
    to abuser, and blustery, sometimes drunken, suicidal
    thoughts, among many more that I did not funnel
    and hence are not in the m.f.c., but were funnelled
    by past avatar types and by those in their shaktipat

    Abusive relationships should have been split up
    across species boundaries.

    There should no longer be one-way attraction (e.g. of
    bims to lesbians) so I guess lesbian sex workers will
    have to start catering to women. Also sex should now
    not proceed without mutual attraction and mutual
    consent. Also the sexual harmonic(s) of 3% of
    humans globally have been adjusted for better
    compatibility, which can be noticed by compatible
    touch, increased attraction. and better orgasms.
    The most noticeable cases should be that
    non-abusive platonic/friendship/parenting
    (now formerly) gay--lesbian coupleswho have at
    least one child under 16, including adoptive or fetus,
    as of a little over a month ago (about midnight at
    the end of November 7) should have
    become sexually compatible. If they each have
    at least one same sex partner they have become
    bim--bif, which is less than optimally compatible, but
    otherwise they have become optimally compatible
    (straight-type-2-M and bif, bim and straight-type-2-F,
    or straight-type-1-M and straight-type-1-F). Let me
    know if you know of such effects in yourself,
    a partner, or in some friends.

    It could be that until the adjustment of sins in the
    m.f.c.. is done that there may still be one-way
    attraction at a distance but it won’t work close up.

    Anyway, let me know if you notice any effects
    as we head towards full moon, which is in a bit
    less than five days.

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