• On Resisting Temptation [7]

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    On Resisting Temptation [7]

    Some suffer great temptations in the beginning of their conversion,
    and some in the end. And some there are who are much troubled in a
    manner all their life time. Some are but lightly tempted, according to
    the wisdom and equity of the ordinance of God, who weighs the state
    and merits of men, and pre-ordains all for the salvation of his elect.
    --Thomas à Kempis --Imitation of Christ Bk 1, Ch 13

    November 19: - Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

    This title celebrates the role that the Lord entrusted to Mary, whose
    “loving providence is always wise and unfailing.” Established by Pope Benedict XIV in 1744, and granted to the Congregation of Clerks
    Regular of Saint Paul (also known as the Barnabites), devotion to Mary
    as Mother of Divine Providence celebrates the wisdom of the loving
    mother of Christ.

    Pope Benedict XIV declared this feast in honor of our mother, who
    cares for each of her children “entrusted to her by Christ Jesus while
    He hung upon the cross.” He further proclaimed her the “handmaid of
    God’s love who interceded with her Son at Cana of Galilee for the
    bridegroom and bride.” Lastly, Pope Benedict XIV stated what all
    Catholics believe, that Mary, “now enthroned as Queen at her Son’s
    right hand, provides for all the needs of the Church.” We trust in the
    divine Providence of Our Lord, who chose Mary to bring forth the
    Savior of the World.

    The devotion to Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence is intimately
    connected to the history of the first Barnabite house in Rome, where
    it began. Since that time, devotion to Our Lady under this title has
    spread throughout the Church, as we recognize that Mary is the perfect
    teacher of what Providence should mean in our lives. Through the life
    of Mary, we learn not only about the Providence of Our Lord, but also
    to trust in that Providence, even when we are scared, the journey is
    difficult, or the moments we find ourselves in are more painful than
    we can tolerate. In those moments, in examining the life of Our
    Blessed Mother, we see her complete trust, and her cooperation with
    that which the Lord put before her.

    In 1611, during the construction of the first Barnabite church in
    Rome, the Church of Saint Charles ai Catinari, money was sparse, and
    the pastor, Father Blaise Palma, was forced to halt construction. Not
    willing to give up on the completion of the project, however, Father
    Palma made a pilgrimage to Loreto to beg the aid of Our Lady who he
    was certain would hear his plea. Miraculously, upon his return to
    Rome, the order received the necessary financial means to continue
    building the church, and in 1650, construction was completed. Wishing
    to document the role of the Blessed Virgin in completion of the
    church, Father Palma wrote a lengthy and factual account and placed it
    in the parish archives. He recommended that everyone appeal to Mary
    with the greatest confidence whenever difficulties presented

    Years later, the Barnabites were forced to abandon their home in Rome,
    and while fleeing, wished to remove a portion of the wall of the house
    on which was painted a miraculous image of Mary. Sadly, when they
    attempted to hang the secured mural over the altar in their new home,
    it shattered. The architect responsible for the destruction of the
    priceless image offered a remarkable painting of Our Blessed Mother
    holding the Infant Jesus in her arms.
    This painting, completed by Raphael’s disciple Gaetan,
    depicts Jesus confidently clasping the hands of his mother, Our
    Mother. The Barnabites interpret this pose to be a symbol of the
    sacred source of the power of the Mother of God. The Child seems to be
    saying: "Mother, I place in your hands the authority to act in my
    name. From my infinite treasure, you are to provide good things to all
    those who implore your aid."

    This beautiful painting was placed on the altar of a chapel on the
    first floor of the Saint Charles rectory behind the main altar. The
    Barnabites used to gather there daily for the recitation of the Divine
    Office and their spiritual exercises. Upon discovery of the writings
    of Father Palma in the archives, the community came to be devoted to
    Our Lady of Divine Providence, as evidenced in the confident love of
    Father Palma and the confidence of Christ in Gaetan’s portrait.

    When we consider Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, we are reminded
    that Our Lord does not make mistakes. Nothing happens by accident, but
    rather everything has it’s divine purpose. That purpose is always to
    bring us closer to the Lord who created us, through the intercession
    and grace bestowed upon us through His Mother. We are reminded that,
    like Mary, every event of our lives, every person we encounter, every
    mistake we make, can lead us even closer to God—if we trust in Him and cooperate with Him. Humbly, obediently, and patiently, we must place
    ourselves at the Lord’s disposal, trusting in His goodness, His
    wisdom, and His plan—however incomprehensible it may be!
    -- by Jacob

    Saint Quote:
    "I fear the good opinion which my friends have formed of me: they will
    believe me in Heaven and leave me to suffer."
    --St. Francis de Sales

    Bible Quote:
    "Rebuke is more effective for a wise man Than a hundred blows on a
    fool." (Proverbs 17:10)


    Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother of Divine Providence, protect our life
    and sanctify us with the gift of grace. Obtain for us from the Father
    of mercy and the God of consolation pardon for our sins,
    reconciliation with our brothers and sisters, and comfort in the midst
    of afflictions. Renew our hearts that they may be come worthy dwelling
    places of your Divine Son, Jesus. Help us in our struggles against
    mediocrity, self-seeking, and pride so we can generously serve our
    neighbor. We entrust ourselves to you, 0 Mary, in our pilgrimage in
    this world. We invoke you as our guide and our defense against
    dangers. In the present tribulations, give us secure refuge. 0 sweet
    Mother of Divine Providence, turn your eyes to ward us, you who are
    our hope on earth. Grant that we may have you as our Mother in the
    glory of heaven. Amen.

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