• Unity of the Old and New Testaments

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    Unity of the Old and New Testaments

    There is a profound unity between the Old and New Testaments. Both are
    divinely inspired by one and the same Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16). The Old Testament prepares for the New and the New Testament fulfills the
    Old--the two shed light on each other. The Old Testament prepared the
    way for the coming of Jesus Christ as the redeemer of all who would be
    saved through his sacrifice on the cross. The New Testament lies
    hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New. That
    is why Jesus interpreted the Old Testament Scriptures for his
    disciples and explained how he came to fulfill what was promised and foreshadowed in the Old (Luke 24:27). That is why we read the Old
    Testament in the light of Christ’s saving death and resurrection. Do
    you revere the word of God in the Scriptures--both old and new--and
    see their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ?

    "Lord Jesus, may your word take deep root in my heart and transform my
    way of thinking, discerning, and acting. May your Spirit open my ears
    to hear and understand the word of God in the Scriptures that I may
    revere and treasure both the Old and the New Testaments which God has
    prepared for all who desire to enter his kingdom of righteousness,
    peace, and joy. Help me to be a diligent student and faithful disciple
    of your word."

    October 3rd - Sts. Ewald and Ewald, Martyrs

    Today we celebrate the feasts of two saints named Ewald who also
    happened to be brothers. According to the "History of the Church" by
    St. Bede these brothers lived in the 7th century. One was known as
    Black Ewald because of his dark hair, the other White Ewald because of
    his blond hair.

    Both brothers were priests and spent some time in Ireland studying
    Scripture. While one had a greater knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures they were both very fervent in their faith and desirous of
    spreading the Word of God. When St. Willibrord first began
    evangelizing in Friesland, the two brothers followed his example and
    went to the Old Saxons of Westphalia.

    They arrived in Germany about the year 694 and spent several days with
    a local official. So strong and impressive was their faith, that many
    of the pagans feared that the brothers would convert their Chief and
    these men did not want to lose their gods and festival practices.

    Heuualdi et Heualdi (translated into Anglo-Saxon as Ewald and Ewald)
    were killed before they could make contact with the Chief. According
    to tradition their bodies were thrown in the river but an English
    monk, Tilmon miraculously found them (Nightly over their bodies shone
    a bright light, visible for a long time, which revealed where they
    were and how great was their merit) and buried them. When the Chief
    learned of this, he was furiously angry with their murderers and
    killed them and burned their village.

    Because of their faith and courage in going to a barbarian land where
    martyrdom was a very real possibility, the brothers are honored today
    as martyrs and are the patrons of Westphalia.

    Saint Quote:
    Beware of too much speaking, for it banishes from the soul holy
    thoughts and recollection with God.
    -- St. Dorotheus

    Bible Quote:
    With all thy strength love him that made thee: and forsake not his
    ministers. Honour God with all thy soul and give honour to the
    priests, and purify thyself with thy arms. Give them their portion, as
    it is commanded thee, of the firstfruits and of purifications: and for
    thy negligences purify thyself with a few. Offer to the Lord the gift
    of thy shoulders, and the sacrifice of sanctification, and the
    firstfruits of the holy things: [Sirach 7: 32-36]  DRB


    Where is there to be found among you that fraternal charity which, in
    the principles of your belief, is founded on the most sublime and
    divine motives? Examine this a little more closely and you will see
    whether such reproaches are well founded.

    Your religion is a beautiful one, the Jews and even the pagans tell
    us, if you do what you are commanded! Not only are you all brothers,
    but something even more wonderful: all together, you form the same
    Body of Jesus Christ, whose Flesh and Blood serve you every day as
    nourishment; you are all members, one of another. It must be admitted
    that that article of your faith is admirable indeed; it has something
    divine about it. If you were to act in accordance with your creed, you
    would be in a position to draw all other peoples to your religion--it
    is so beautiful, so consoling, and has the promise of such happiness
    in the life to come. But what makes all the peoples believe that your
    religion is not what you say it is, is that your conduct is quite the
    opposite to what your religion commands you.

    If anyone were to question your pastors and if it were lawful for them
    to reveal the secrets of the confessional, they would be able to show
    that it is the quarrels, the enmities, the spirit of revenge, the
    jealousies, the scandals, the false rumours and gossip, the lawsuits,
    and so many other vices which horrify all those peoples whose religion
    you say is so far removed from yours in holiness. The corruption of
    morals, which is rife amongst you, keeps back those who are not of
    your religion from embracing it because if you were really convinced
    that it is good and divine, you would surely behave in a different
    (From Sermons from the Curè de Ars)

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