• global binding of criminals, "rubber stamped" by God

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    I am an avatar type similar to Jacob, Moses, and Jesus. At
    the moment I doubt that Mohammed was an avatar type,
    but if he had a blue rose vision then I would be wrong. But I
    do consider him to be a Prophet/guru/missionary/Founder type,
    and I have resolved to not start a new religion.

    This week (Sept.1--6) is the 30th anniversary of my first and
    most significant waning crescent high, which culminated in
    a naked sun stare, thorn hill climb, and blue rose vision
    from pre-sunset Sept. 5 to pre-dawn Sept. 6. The
    equivalent lunar phase to then is a couple of days
    before that this year.

    I hope I don’t have to wait for three more years until
    the 33rd (three sunspot cycles) anniversary.

    If you are interested in further progress see my recent and
    ongoing posts on alt.religion.druid .

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