• On Trust in God in all Trouble [V]

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    On Trust in God in all Trouble [V]

    I thank You that You have not spared my wrongdoing, but have punished
    me with bitter pain, inflicted sorrow on me, and sent me troubles of
    every kind. Nothing under heaven can comfort me but You alone, 0 Lord
    my God, for You are the heavenly Physician of souls, who both wound
    and heal, who cast down and raise up again. (1 Sam. 2:6) Your
    discipline corrects me, and Your very scourge will heal me. (Ps.18:35)
    --Thomas à Kempis --Imitation of Christ Bk 3 Ch 50

    August 5th – St. Afra of Augsburg VM (RM)

    Died c. 304. Saint Afra was probably a martyr during the Diocletian
    persecution at Augsburg, Germany. Her unreliable vita is probably
    historically worthless, although it does appear to be an embroidery of
    some historical reference. It says that Afra, a prostitute in Augsburg
    from Cyprus, had been converted when the Bishop of Gerona, driven from
    his diocese by persecution, reached Augsburg, Germany, and took refuge
    in her mother's house.

    The transformation of her life was complete, though Afra never ceased
    to live as if she were doing penance for her former sins. When her
    time came to suffer she saw this too as a form of atonement. The pagan
    judge before whom she was brought, accused of being a Christian, told
    her that her own Lord would have nothing to do with such a sinner as
    she had been. But Afra replied that although she was without a doubt
    unworthy to be called a Christian, Jesus Christ had indeed admitted
    her as one.

    "My body has sinned," confessed the saint at her trial. "Let it
    suffer. I will not ruin my soul by idolatry." Her executioners tied
    her to a stake on an island in the River Lech. Dried vine branches
    were piled up around her and set alight. That night Afra's mother and
    three other women, who are said to be Afra's servants and former
    prostitutes themselves, sailed to the island, gathered up Afra's body
    and buried it in a large tomb at Augsburg. The pagan authorities saw
    them performing this last act of mercy. The four women were shut up in
    the family tomb, which was then set on fire. They, like Saint Afra,
    were burned to death.

    The Benedictine abbey in Augsburg is dedicated to Saint Afra
    (Attwater, Benedictines, Bentley, Encyclopedia).

    In art, Saint Afra is depicted crowned and enthroned, holding a dead
    tree. She might also be shown (1) suspended from a tree and scourged;
    (2) bound to a tree and burned; (3) surrounded by flames; (4) boiled
    in a cauldron; or (5) holding a fir cone (Roeder). She is the patron
    saint of Augsburg, Germany, and invoked by penitent women (Roeder).

    Saint Quote:
    Let us fix our attention on the blood of Christ and recognize how
    precious it is to God his Father, since it was shed for our salvation
    and brought the grace of repentance to all the world.
    -- Pope Saint Clement I

    Bible Quote:
    But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and
    knoweth me, for I am the Lord that exercise mercy, and judgment, and
    justice in the earth: for these things please me, saith the Lord.
    [Jer 9:24 ] DRB

    Mary Our Strength

    O Virgin, fair as the moon,
    delight of the angels and saints in heaven,
    grant that we may become like you
    and that our souls may receive a ray of your beauty,
    which does not decline with the years
    but shines forth into eternity.
    O Mary, sun of heaven,
    restore life where there is death
    and enlighten spirits, where there is darkness.
    Turn your countenance to your children
    and radiate on us your light and your fervour.
    O Mary, powerful as an army,
    grant victory to our ranks.
    We are very weak
    and our enemy rages with uttermost conceit.
    But under your banner
    we are confident of overcoming him. ….
    Save us, O Mary,
    fair as the moon,
    bright as the sun,
    awe-inspiring as an army set in battle array
    and sustained not by hatred
    but by the ardour of love.

    By Venerable Pope Pius XII (1876-1958)
    (Pontiff 1939-1958)

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