• Beware of false prophets

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    Beware of false prophets

       "Jesus reminded them of what happened to their ancestors who were attracted to false prophets. The same dangers are now faced as those
    that occurred in earlier days. He reminded them of the experience of
    their ancestors so that they would not despair at the multitude of
    troubles that would mount up on this way that is narrow and
    constricted. He reminded them that it is necessary to walk in a way
    that goes contrary to the common opinion. One must guard oneself not
    only against pigs and dogs but those other, more elusive creatures:
    the wolves. They were going to face inward anxieties as well as
    outward difficulties, but they are not to despair. 'Therefore do not
    be thrown into confusion,' Jesus says in effect, 'for nothing will
    happen that is new or strange. Remember that the ancient adversary is
    forever introducing deception as if true.'"
    by John Chrysostom (excerpt from THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW, HOMILY 23.6)

    July 3rd - Saint Heliodorus, Bishop of Altino
    (d. 390)

    Saint Heliodorus was born at Dalmatia, a Roman Province northeast of
    the Adriatic Sea, which was also the native land of Saint Jerome. He
    soon sought out that great Doctor, not only to follow his advice in
    matters relating to Christian perfection, but also to profit by his
    deep learning. The life of a recluse held great attractions for him,
    but to enter a monastery it would have been necessary to leave his
    spiritual master and director, a sacrifice he was not prepared to
    make. He therefore remained in the world, though not part of it, and
    following the example of the holy anchorites, passed his time in
    prayer and devout reading. He accompanied Saint Jerome on his voyage
    to the Holy Land, visiting the various churches of the Orient, and
    remained with him for a time, but a desire to revisit his native land
    and to see his parents once more drew him back to Dalmatia. Saint
    Jerome tried to persuade him to remain with him, and Heliodorus was
    intending to return, as soon as he had fulfilled the duties he owed
    his parents.

    Finding his absence had grown prolonged, and fearing that love for his
    family and attachment to worldly things might lure him from his
    vocation, Saint Jerome wrote him an earnest letter. He exhorted his
    good disciple to break entirely with the world and to consecrate
    himself to the service of God. But the Lord, who disposes all things,
    had a mission of activity reserved for His servant. After the death of
    his mother, Heliodorus went to Italy and soon was remarked for his
    eminent piety. He was made Bishop of Altino, and became one of the
    most distinguished prelates of an age fruitful in great men. He
    sustained the Catholic faith against the Arian heresy, assisting at
    the Council of Aquilea in northeastern Italy, called for that purpose
    in 381. Saint Jerome never forgot his former student, and in one of
    his letters testifies that he was a bishop who lived in his episcopal
    dignity with as much fervor and regularity as in a monastery. Saint
    Heliodorus died about the year 390.

    Source: Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints, a compilation based on
    Butler’s Lives of the Saints, and other sources by John Gilmary Shea

    Saint Quote:
    The glory of God gives life; those who see God receive life. Men will
    therefore see God if they are to live; through the vision of God they
    become immortal and attain to God himself. God is the source of all
    activity throughout creation. He cannot be seen or described in his
    own nature and in all his greatness by any of his creatures. Yet he is certainly not unknown. Through his Word the whole creation learns that
    there is one God the Father, who holds all things together and gives
    them their being. As it is written in the Gospel, “No man has ever
    seen God, except the only-begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the
    Father; he has revealed him.” From the beginning the Son is the one
    who teaches us about the Father; he is with the Father from the
    beginning. The Word revealed God to men and presented men to God. Life
    in man is the glory of God; the life of man is the vision of God. If
    the revelation of God through creation gives life to all who live upon
    the earth, much more does the manifestation of the Father through the
    Word give life to those who see God.
    -- Saint Irenaeus of Lyons from "Against the Heresies"

    Bible Quote:
    Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you shall receive it, and
    it shall come to you.  (Mark 11:24)

    ETERNAL Father, I wish to honor St. (Name), and I give You thanks for
    all the graces You have bestowed upon him (her).  I ask You to please
    increase grace in my soul through the merits of this saint, and I
    commit the end of my life to him (her) by this special prayer, so that
    by virtue of Your goodness and promise, St. (Name) might be my
    advocate and provide whatever is needed at that hour.  Amen.

    PROMISE: "When you wish to honor any particular saint and give Me
    thanks for all the graces I have bestowed on that saint, I increase
    grace in your soul through the merits of that saint. When you commit
    the end of your life to any of the saints by special prayers, I
    appoint those saints to be your advocates and to provide whatever you
    need at that hour."
    --Our Lord to St. Gertrude

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