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    Those who have read my recent posts will know that I claim
    to be an avatar type similar to Jesus and that I have been
    attempting global new age onset magickal workings
    invoking my eight main deities including my top deity
    or Deity God. However you could consider those
    workings to be a complicated prayer in which I have
    done much of the groundwork over the past 25 years.
    Also, while my other seven main deities have contributed
    to the calculations, God has rubber stamped the final
    result and is doing the final implementation.

    It seems that until tonight (Monday night/Tuesday morning)
    the workings were on at a low level or in test mode
    but now God seems to be bringing everything up to
    full strength, as I am documenting in posts on the
    thread “tombstone rolls aside, again” on alt.religion.druid .

    So is there anything special about June 29? I checked http://www.holidays-and-observances.com/june-29.html
    and it s the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. This
    is of major importance to me since my home town
    church/parish is named after Saints Peter and Paul.
    And though I now consider myself to be pagan,
    my top deity is God, I have Jesus as a minor
    deity, and my messages have been influenced
    by the messages of Jesus and my Catholic schooling
    and by Catholic family members.

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    Between tears and elation/Lies a secret nation" (Ron Hynes)

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