• God laughs at your pain

    From plateshutoverlock@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 24 09:25:18 2021
    All you fools worship a creature who is clearly malicious, sadistic,
    and psychotic to the extreme. "But he is omni-benevo.." OF COURSE
    HE SAYS THAT ABOUT HIMSELF! Psychos are usually pathological liars too. Gaslighting, manipulation, "good cop, bad cop", your "God" uses all of these and more.

    Here's how I know it will play out: The 'wicked' will simply be eradicated, existing nowhere. You devout fools will be suffering and tortured at the hands
    of your"God" (there was never a 'devil'), forever while forced to look at it's ugly,
    grotesque, twisted vistage

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