• Don't forget the presence of Christ

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    Don't forget the presence of Christ

    When you have to listen to abuse, that means you are being buffeted by
    the wind; when your anger is roused, you are being tossed by the
    waves. So when the winds blow and the waves mount high, the boat is in
    danger, your heart is imperiled, your heart is taking a battering. On
    hearing yourself insulted, you long to retaliate; but the joy of
    revenge brings with it another kind of misfortune—shipwreck. Why is
    this? Because Christ is asleep in you. What do I mean? I mean you have forgotten his presence. Rouse him, then; remember him, let him keep
    watch within you, pay heed to him. Now what was your desire? You
    wanted to get your own back. You have forgotten that when Christ was
    being crucified he said: Father, forgive them, for they know not what
    they do. Christ, the sleeper in your heart, had no desire for
    vengeance in his. Rouse him, then, call him to mind.
    --Augustine of Hippo:

    18 May – Blessed William of Toulouse OSA

     Augustinian Priest, Preacher, apostle of prayer and charity,
    spiritual adviser – born in c 1297 in Toulouse, France and died on 18
    May 1369 in Toulouse, France of natural causes.

    Today we remember a French Augustinian who excelled in preaching the
    word of God. By means of his own deep interior life and attentiveness
    to Scripture, his influence on the people of his day through this
    preaching and pastoral work, as well as through the gift of spiritual direction, was significant and widespread He was loved and admired by
    the people, who recognised his holiness and the power of his

    William was born in Toulouse, France, around the year 1297 At the age
    of 19 he entered the Augustinian monastery in his native city and was
    sent to study in Paris where he received the title of lector in
    theology. Afterwards he devoted himself especially to the ministry of preaching, for which he became well known and respected, and through
    which he drew many others to embrace the religious life.

    Except for a brief period when he was Prior in Pamiers, he seems to
    have spent his whole religious life in Toulouse, in the monastery of Saint’Etienne, where, in 1341, the Order’s General Chapter was held.

    William died in Toulouse on 18 May 1369 and was buried in the cemetery
    of his monastery Not long after, because of the veneration of the
    people who regarded him as a saint and wonder-worker, his remains were transferred to the chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene where he was
    accustomed to celebrate Mass  Pope Leo XIII confirmed his cult in

    William’s methodology as a preacher was – pray, contemplate and only
    then speak of God, otherwise the preacher’s words will not touch the
    heart of his listeners but become lost in the rafters of the church As
    a man of prayer and recollection, he was much sought after as a
    spiritual director and after his death, his people continued to revere
    and pray to him for his intercession.


    Saint Quote:
    On behalf of Christ crucified I tell you: refuse to believe the counsels of the devil, who would hinder your holy and good resolution. Be manly in my sight, and not timorous. Answer God, who calls you to hold and possess the seat of the glorious Shepherd
    St. Peter, whose vicar you have been. And raise the standard of the holy Cross. --Saint Catherine of Siena to Pope Gregory XI

    Bible Quote:
    But Jesus called them to him, and said: You know that the princes of
    the Gentiles lord it over them; and they that are the greater,
    exercise power upon them. It shall not be so among you: but
    whosoever will be the greater among you, let him be your minister:
    And he that will be first among you, shall be your servant. 28. Even
    as the Son of man is not come to be ministered unto, but to minister,
    and to give his life a redemption for many.  (Matthew 20:25-28) DRB

    God Our Creator

    Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honor, and power,
    because Thou. hast created all things.--(Apoc. iv. 11.)

    Why is it that God has such an absolute and all-embracing claim to
    ourselves and to all that is ours? It is because we are made by Him,
    and not only made, but created. We are His, not only as the statue is
    the sculptor's and the picture the painter's, but He made out of
    nothing the very materials of which we consist. There is therefore
    nothing in us which is not God's. Every sort of excellence, strength,
    virtue, talent, beauty, skill, energy, affection--all are God's not our

    God created everyone with certain gifts of his own that He did not
    give to another, and He gave him those gifts to do a special work that
    God had for him to do. He created me with a certain object; from all
    eternity He had been planning my soul and body, and providing me with
    all that I needed, that both one and the other might serve Him. Have I
    on the whole carried out God's plan? Shall I be able to say, when I
    come to die: "I have finished the work Thou gavest me to do?"

    What a serious thought this is, that God had a plan for my life! He
    meant me to occupy a certain position in society and to have certain employments; to influence certain persons for good; to overcome
    certain temptations; to practise certain virtues beyond the rest to
    attain a certain place in Heaven. Has my life been ordered by God's
    holy inspirations; has not my own self-will too often had part in it?

    Pray that you may not fail in fulfilling God's intentions concerning you.

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