• Cleansed by Jesus' word

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    Cleansed by Jesus' word

    "So the world--life enslaved by carnal passions--can no more receive
    the grace of the Spirit than a weak eye can look at the light of a
    sunbeam. First the Lord cleansed his disciples' lives through his
    teaching, and then he gave them the ability to both see and
    contemplate the Spirit. He says, 'You are already made clean by the
    word I have spoken to you' (John 15:3). Therefore 'the world cannot
    receive him, because it neither sees him nor knows him... You know
    him, for he dwells with you' (John 14:17). Isaiah says, 'He who
    settled the earth and the things in it; and gives breath to the people
    on it, and Spirit to them that tread on it' (Isaiah 42:5). From this
    we can learn that those who trample earthly things and rise above them
    become worthy to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." (excerpt from
     by Basil the Great, 329-379 A.D.ON THE HOLY SPIRIT 22.53)

    April 30th – St. Maximus of Ephesus, Martyr

    Died May 14, c. 251. Maximus, a citizen of Ephesus, was a merchant by profession. On the publication of the edict of Decius against the
    Christians in 250, he presented himself to Proconsul Optimus as a
    Christian and was martyred. His proconsular Acta which are still
    extant state that when Optimus asked his name and state in life,
    Maximus responded: "I am born free, but am the slave of Jesus Christ."
    Optimus: "What is your profession?"

    Maximus: "I am a plebeian, and live by my dealings."

    Optimus: "Are you a Christian?"

    Maximus: "Yes, I am, though a sinner."

    Optimus: "Have not you been informed of the edicts that are lately arrived?"

    Maximus: "What edicts, and what are their contents?"

    Optimus: "That all the Christians forsake their superstition,
    acknowledge the true prince whom all obey, and adore his gods."

    Maximus: "I have been told of that impious edict, and it is the
    occasion of my appearing abroad."

    Optimus: "As then you are apprised of the edicts, sacrifice to the gods."

    Maximus: "I sacrifice to none but that God to whom alone I have
    sacrificed from my youth, the remembrance of which affords me great

    Optimus: "Sacrifice as you value your life: if you refuse to obey, you
    shall expire in torments."

    Maximus: "This has ever been the object of my desires: it was on this
    very account that I appeared in public, to have an opportunity offered
    me of being speedily delivered out of this miserable life, to possess
    that which is eternal."

    Then the proconsul commanded him to be beaten, and in the meantime
    said to him, "Sacrifice, Maximus, and you shall be no longer

    Maximus: "Sufferings for the name of Christ are not torments, but
    comfortable unctions; but if I depart from his precepts contained in
    the Gospel, then real and eternal torments would be my portion."

    Next, Optimus ordered him to be stretched on the rack, and while he
    was tortured, said to him, "Renounce, wretch, your obstinate folly,
    and sacrifice to save your life."

    Maximus: "I shall save it if I do not sacrifice; I shall lose it if I
    do. Neither your clubs, nor your our iron hooks, nor your fire, give
    me any pain, because the grace of Jesus Christ dwells in me, which
    will deliver me out of your hands to put me in possession of the
    happiness of the saints, who have already, in this same conflict,
    triumphed over your cruelty. It is by their prayers I obtain this
    courage and strength which you see in me."

    Optimus: "I command that Maximus, for refusing to obey the sacred
    edicts, be stoned to death, to serve for an example of error to all Christians."

    Saint Maximus was immediately seized by the executioners and carried
    outside the city walls, where they stoned him to death. The Greeks
    honor him on May 14; the Roman Martyrology today (Benedictines,

    Saint Quote:
    The joy of this life is nothing; the joy of the after life is everlasting. --Blessed William Hart

    Bible Quote:
    But the Lord sits enthroned for ever,
        he has established his throne for judgment;
    and he judges the world with righteousness,
        he judges the peoples with equity. [Psalm 9:7-8]  (RSVCE)


    It's raining teardrops from Heaven
    The gates are opened anew
    To show to Jesus and Mary
    The souls that haven't been true.
    Their heads are bent low in sorrow;
    Their hearts are bleeding with care,
    For they have asked to love Them,
    And sent our hearts up in prayer.
    I stroke His face with compassion,
    I kiss the face wet with tears-
    For time has not erased His heartache;
    He's suffering more in our years.
    His children turn from His pleadings,
    For worldly cares means forgetting
    The One who begs us to love Him;
    To save our souls from regretting.
    He'll take a crumb of affection;
    The smallest sign He does seek-
    But why must we give rejection,
    When sinful ways make us weak?
    He puts His hand out in pity;
    To touch us is all He can do-
    For God gave man a born conscience
    To choose to be faithful and true.
    The pleasures are steeped more in evil;
    The goodness inspired by God.
    The road to satan is easy;
    But Heaven is earned very hard.
    The only ladder to Heaven is found
    In our climbing in prayer;
    Each step will be shorter and higher
    If we just try a little to care.
    We'll accept all the burdens and sorrows;
    The joys will be just added graces.
    We'll reserve our bright spot up in heaven
    By accepting here lowly places.
    By St. Teresa

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