• Socialist Trump Loving Red State GunHuggers Are Despicable Socialis

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    instance, does an Army base and the federal money that goes into keeping
    it running and paying its troops count as a benefit? (It does in my book.)

    Then you are an idiot.


    "Poor widdle Wudy...mentally ill, lies constantly, doesnt know who he is, or even what gender "he" is.

    No more pathetic creature has ever walked the earth. But...he is locked into a mental hospital for the safety of the public.

    Which is a very good thing."

    Asun rauhassa, valmistaudun sotaan.

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    Blue State, Red Face: Guess Who Benefits More From Your Taxes?

    Picking up on yesterday's theme, the fiscal cliff, let's look at the wider context to the argument between left and right over taxes and spending

    Michael Moran

    Michael Moran is an author and geopolitical analyst.

    There are serious economists who study the difference between what our
    states pay in taxes and how much they get in return from the U.S.
    government. These people generally don’t draw political, let along moral, judgments from these numbers...

    Perhaps we should be instead discussing the justification for 'paying'
    and 'getting in return'...

    I don't see where any 'getting in return' is authorized by the
    Constitution. If we were to get back to the original intent of the
    union, this entire discussion is summarily vaporized.

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