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    Alexander's father grabbed Byzantium to starve Athens into submission because while Sparta got wheat from Italy, Athens got it from Scythia. It isn't the Greeks who are slavified but the slavs who were Hellenised before their scythian forefathers merged with the Viking Varangians. The Litwo
    Polish Empire divided Russia with the Tatar Turks 1200-1667 the same way the Venetians held the islands and Peloponese until 1797. Todays Polish Lipcani Tatars (eg Pieniezno) hail from those rewarded for oppressing Russia. Huntington's Clash categorises Orthodoxy in the Islamosoviet
    "civilisation". Greece was occupied during Crimea for Louis Napoleon to
    avenge his uncle so Greece replaced her king with the tsar's future son in
    law. Ever since their ethnogenesis, the slavs have sought access to the Mediterranean at Greek expence for which the west has perverseley punished Greece. Russian "Imperialism" was mostly either defensive against the Turks
    or the work of two Germans, Catherine the Great and Nesselrode. Constantelos (CH 1999 p121) blamed Greek anti-Semitism on 1204 and Alexis Scherbatow
    blamed Russian on 1772.

    At the time of Christ, Jews were one tenth of the empire (Schemmann, Hist Road) because they overpopulated, refusing infanticide and sodomy (Josephus, Against Apion), which was the real reason they and the early Christians were persecuted. For this reason, Italians, Greeks and Anatolians are today closer genetically to Jews than Arabs are. Sadducees were traditionalists, while Pharisees were minimalists (Fundamentalists). Eastern Christianity came via Syria (Basil and the Gregories), Western via Carthage (Tertulian and Augustine); Constantine had them agreee to disagree (about celibacy,
    leavening & al)until pope enthroned Charlemagne on grounds St Irene was a
    woman and Charlemagne pushed the filioque. Under Byzantine governance, the Senate vetoed decrees and impeached emperors, and the emperors had to answer
    to the crowds at the Hippodrome (Bikelas, Seven Essays). The Fraggocracy had
    to comply with this Byzantine governance in 1204 and must have had it at
    least partly in mind when they demanded their own Magna Carta in
    1215. Moderates, oweing to Aristotle, Laotzu and James Madison, accept human nature rather than trying to overcome it like extremists due to Plato, Confucius and Hegel. Peter the Great and Andrew Jackson emulated Confucian bureacracy (Wm Temple 1610 Heroic Virtue) and Lenin wanted to make everyone "like the post office" but it is far from clear that the Chinese bureacracy
    was Confucian and not Mongol in origin. The Russian Obschina commune was probably from the Mongol invaders and has many prehistoric
    mediocrity-enforcing land-fallowing analogues.

    American Indians, Koreans, & Japanese (but not Chinese) are Turks (Hugh Pope, Sons of Conquerors). Alexander the Great fought off the Gog & Magog at the Derwent Gates in the Caucasus Mts. Note etymological transistion: Magog, Mongol, Magyar, Hungar, Uyghur, Hangook (Koreans), Gog. China has only held the original Turk homelands, Uyghur East Turkmenistan, for a bit over a century. "Historically, when a major Islamic empire has emerged, it has been dominated by the Turks." (George Friedman next 100 yrs p7) The Manchurians
    and Mongols occupied China and the Bubar/Mughals occupied India: Two
    centuries ago it was decried how these civilisations were destoyed by
    tartary, but now they bizarrely decry the Opium War instead. Sun Yat Sen saw westernism as rejuvenating from the Manchu Magog but Mao defiled the Opium
    War to magnify Tatary.

    The monarchists fled the English Civil war to the South and their Puritan opponents to the North (Fisher, Albion Seed), with the Appalachian Mts separating the British & French until Napoleon sold Louisiana and the Mississipi. Russia crushed the German rebellion of 1848, fearing another Napoleon, and the leftist Germans came to the USA and freed the slaves and built the factories, leaving the rightist Germans to Bismark and Hitler.

    Marx correctly noticed alienation by industrialisation but he misplaced it in the workplace instead of the home. The lack of a social infrastructure during the transition from rural life creates the social instability represented by Khomeni, Hitler, Lenin, Robespierre, Cromwell and Andreas Papandreou. The junta and Andreas were two sides of the same coin. The
    problem in Greece is the "stickiness" (which is also found in Japan) that resists the necessary changes. Japan and Greece, now facing demographic collapse, were the two fastes grwoing economies of 1972, not having time for children to pay pensions. The craziness of Islam today does not come from religion but from training left behind by the nazis. The same Germans who
    found how to make the dobermin and rottweiler crazy found how to make the nazis, kamikazis and ghazis crazy (killology.com, Dalin/Mufti)

    In 1922 Lenin won his civil war and helped his ally Ataturk. Lenin also proceded to ask the USA courts to sell any seminaries and cathedrals the
    czars had paid for. This caused the other ethnicities to break away from a united Orthodox church. The population exchanges caused a large influx to the USA not only of Greeks from Smyrna but from Phillipoupolis and Eastern
    Roumelia in what has now become Bulgaria. Before the 1885 East Roumelia catastrophe ethnic cleansing, western papers referred to Plovdiv as Phillipoupolis and considered it Greek. Greek Americans fared better in the 1800s than 1900s. Jordan's Hassemite loyalties confirm that dispisers of Anglo-Hebraic success are nostalgic for German-Turkish hegemony. (Walter Russell Mead, God & Gold ; Dalin, Mufti)

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