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    html via @naijcom - Under the captivity of Buhari,"you must secure our oil/gas or you will die in prison" - USA & Allies" Continue to vote ( http://biafraref.wixsite.com/br2017) Voting inside and outside Biafra (SE &SS) is once and voting twice is a

    Restating that voting inside and outside Biafrans is once. Do not forget this warning.

    On the final voting day 2017, all Biafrans inside Biafra (SE & SS) will vote at the designated voting boots and online whereas Biafrans over sea will vote and collated on the monitored online process.

    In Biafra inside and outside voting the age will be 16 years.

    Who and who come in contact, touch and take Buhari's looted money from Biafra (SS & SE) are enemies of Biafra (SS &SE).

    he world banks and other financial institutions are aware of this in front of their mind and heart.

    Watch and see because soon as Biafra finishes her Referendum 2017, all the politicians of Nigeria will start returning the loots and some will escape from Nigeria and Biafran leaders will chase them here and there to collect the loots.

    The two women (Petroleum and Finance) said that Obama, Cameron, oil/gas companies used ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and other to remain outside the prison walls and save themselves.

    Buhari is mounted in Nigeria not elected to rule the defunct Nigeria and kill Nigerians to enable his captors become richer and richer via oil/gas exploration without license or permit.

    We thank all working day/night to gather straw data ready for the forthcoming REFERENDUM and the door to door workers across Biafra (SS &SE) are doing great job.

    After the incoming meeting we will send notice to you to tell you when to submit your straw votes and collect your check. Send your questions to limptintinc@gmail.com or IPOD, Ohaneze Indigbo, Mossab, and Radio Biafra across the world.

    Campaign for REFERENDUM in Biafra started since August 13, 2016 and Biafrans (SS & SE) are doing great and successful jobs.

    Any lawyer that want to volunteer for the cause of Biafra should send e-mail to limptintinc@gmail.com.

    We thank those lawyers that have sent their information and resume and some of them are representing Comrade Nnamdi Kanu now.

    Your work is lawful and you must fights for your people and land and liberate them from the hands of western nations and Nigeria.

    Nigerian Politicians and other blood stained hands will suffer inside and outside Nigeria. This the final struggle in Biafra (SE & SS).

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    The Endowed Prof. (Dr.) Phillip C. Ofume & Associates, IPOD, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Mossab, etc (Canada, USA, France, Belgium & Germany);

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