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    Dear My Friend,

    Greeting from Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, National Chairman-ITHEPO, (Libaas India), AIMAWS, IMAWC.

    I came to you with an Invitation of Business Proposal and Big Social Work Without Any Investing Money, Only You Have To See Around You And You Can Recommend (Buyers, Chain of Stores, Chain of Malls, Chain of Supermarkets etc.,) and thousands & Million
    poor weavers/bunkar will get Food / Medicine / Education / Home / Clean Water etc., with your efforts.

    My respected friend, we are mentioning here two noble proposals, may I request you to please spend few minutes to read it, may your a minute of time can help to get food for Indian Weavers/Bunkar (ANSARI). who are almost over 20 millions, they are job
    less, due government policy.

    1. Indian Weavers/Bunkar (ANSARI) is producing/weaving Indian Textiles & Handicrafts (Handmade & Powerloom too ), The ITHEPO has shouldered this responsibility to create a global atmosphere and bring business for these community by all means,
    supporting ITHEPO is a big business also and big social work with no donation, if by your efforts, ITHEPO will get big supplier like chain of malls, chain of stores, chain of supermarkets, government supplies etc., than it will be a million-million
    dollars business too. The Indian Textiles and Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization-ITHEPO (www.ithepo.org) is working for Millions of ANSARI Weavers/Bunkars, which they are producing Textiles and Handcrafts in all places of India, the ITHEPO is
    developing market in all over the world by promoting their products worldwide, You would be surprised to know that when ITHEPO get order around 10,000 pieces of scarves/scarf from buyers, than 1,000 weavers/worker is getting jobs for producing scarves/
    scarf, which ultimately giving them food/medicines/education etc. It is not worthy to say that Government systems is totally failure, they are working for rich corporates, ITHEPO is not against to promote corporate sectors, but where you have over 20
    millions of jobs peoples in Textiles Sectors and Govt. only promote few hundreds corporate, now days weavers are dyeing without food, and medicines, and no education, no home, no clean water etc., the ITHEPO is not demanding any donations from any
    globally society, we are appealing peoples of the world to come forward and help these community by purchasing their goods or helping to find big supplier to get regular sales of their products, so that they can get work and get food and medicines etc.,
    to survive themselves with full of respects and dignity.

    2. Each dignified person has many friends, and they are so busy too, but without doing social work life is worthless, this is a golden opportunity for you to help peoples without donating or investing your own money, only you have to do to see around you
    who can be a buyers of Indian Textiles and Handicrafts products, which ultimate give him work to survive and live with full respects of life. Please spare some time and share with your friends this offer and you will get big satisfaction of helping these

    Dear my friend, I am sending you this e-mail and hoping from you that you will not only spare some time, but you will take all your positive efforts to become big “Global Donor” without giving your own money. only recommend few buyers for Indian
    Textiles and Handicrafts products, which is producing/weaving by ANSARI Weavers/Bunkar in India, there are in big trouble to survive.

    We would appreciate, if you could advice us any new idea of helping these community, we can implement it, if it would be a unique idea to bring job for him.

    Please like, and write comments, and retweets these pages, would be a help for this Cause.

    1. Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Ithepo-Libaas-INDIA-1480177051998853/?fref=ts

    2. LinkedIn Page : 1. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/libaas-india-invite-corporate-chain-malls-stores-help-seraj-ansari?trk=prof-post 2. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ithepo-aimaws-imawc-libaas-india-has-launched-like-seraj-ansari?trk=prof-post

    3. Twitter Page : https://twitter.com/ProfSerajANSARI/status/773105867956817921

    Waiting your reply.


    (Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI)
    Chairman –ITHEPO
    Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization
    ISE Cards India Limited (Exclusive Commercial Partner-Ithepo)
    Unit No. - Office 512,
    Parsvnath Planet, TCG - 8/8 & 9/9 Vibhuti Khand,
    Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010
    (U.P.) INDIA
    Fax: +91-522-2397710
    Cell : +91-9452298127
    E-mail exports@ithepo.org
    Website: www.ithepo.org

    Dear Brother/Sister/Friend

    I came to you with a humble request for the community, which is Muslim (ANSARI WEAVERS-Bunkar-Community), and their are pride for India but they are struggling hard to get food, now days, they are weaving/producing all type of cloths (handmade and
    machines both), I must invite "International Community" to come forward to help and by providing International buyers, like big suppliers, buyer as supermarkets, chain of stores, malls, government purchases etc., for Textiles Products , like Scarves/
    Scarf and Stoles (Hijab) for women, and Arafati Rumal for Arab Men, big market in Middle East, UAE etc and & Arab and Europe and American countries. 1-Scarf/Scarves, 2-Table Linen , 3-All type Products ; for example ; Table linen, door pad, dary/rugs,
    ladies suits and Indian sari and Lucknowi chikan cloths, shirt and pants/trousers, curtains and fabrics etc., many other products, even on demand our weavers can design and development all type of cloths and products, which is handmade, and machines too.
    Even they can develop all kind of sports wears also.

    We are helping weavers/bunkar, they are very poor, but second largest population after farmer/agricultures, their population is around Millions.

    Before 70 years, ANSARI Weavers community was richest community, as they were weaving cloths and artisans work to contribute to the Nations (India), but now government policy only promote corporate sectors that is why all policy they made for them, and
    ANSARI Weavers community is in very big trouble, no food, no medicine, no clean water, no house, no education, I have taken a responsibility for these community in India I made my commitment to the ANSARI weavers community that we will take help of all
    my friends from all over the world to upliftment this community by all means.

    Appeal to the world:

    Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Promotion Organization-ITHEPO, www.ithepo.org has been came in existence just because to protect the rights of the labour (weavers) involved in textiles & handicrafts industries, ithepo is also fighting to provide better
    prices for their labour purpose to get them better life and better living standard in the society, most of the labours, (weavers) are not able to have (arrange) their family foods for three times in a day instead of working full times, as we all know
    that India has great populations and our government is doing well, but populations are too high and labour cost is so cheaper in comparison to the world in our country, because, competition is there, every one has to work and get arrange food for their
    family, now ithepo is helping them to get better prices, and better life by providing good price from the members suppliers which are members of the ithepo in the country.

    Ithepo is not asking any donations, financial supports from the international community to help these society, ithepo has developed the idea that any purchase from any buyers, our suppliers members will donate some how to the ithepo, and ithepo will
    utilise that money into providing medicines, education, technical training, seminars as well as scholarship to the students, helping financial help to get marriage boys, and girls of weavers society and down trodden society..

    India is accepting the world challenges, our economy is boosting day by day, country is using good infrastructures in the industries, which we are looking in international businesses, right now we are well with international standard in all aspects.

    Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI
    Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Promotion Organization-ITHEPO,
    www.ithepo.org ; e-mail : exports@ithepo.org

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