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    "Iran and Hamas Winners; Five Taliban Army Commanders swapped to get deserting Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl;
    Buhari and over 230 Nigerian Girls and Parents Losers; Trudeau & Canadian Parents Losers in the hands
    of Obama & allies Liars" (see links 1 to 4 below)

    The night and day diplomacy that we (Bush & Obama ) don't seat-down in a round to to mediate, manage, and
    resolve wars and conflicts are worst lies on earth because they say these lies to make the monetized wars/conflicts
    to last forever to enhance almighty loots and personal wealth to make them live in paradise after retirement (see
    Bush, Cameron, Obama, Blair, Biya, Jonathan, Idi Amin, etc).

    Ex-convicted and wanted President George Walker Bush and incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama deceived
    Ex-convicted, wanted -at-will, mounted, imposed and incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria and the
    Prime Minister-elect of Canada Hon. Justin Trudeau have been deceived by Bush and Obama (hereinafter "leaders
    of the fake and racist global wars and conflicts between Christians and Muslims called war/conflict against state and
    non-state terrorism and terrorists") and their deputies.

    Bush used forged existence of WMD and another fake evidence called per minute CB and fake law called Patriot Act
    (2001) to start war in Iraq and Afghanistan to steer up deceit and under race and colour senate of america
    and their allies inside and outside america supported Bush after the knowledge of fake WMD in Iraq.

    Reason that racists are weak and use lies and bad names to kill their preys or those they called OTHER (in-Margarete Mead) they
    tactically introduced three terrible elements (name, incident and substance) called Terrorism, terrorist and 9/11 to give
    the actors of 9/11 the names, "Terrorism and terrorist" to find fake logical path to forcibly claim their natural resources via divide and
    rule under war/conflict based on night and day times diplomacy with another fake seal that they can never seat on round table
    to use alternative justice remedy or mechanism to resolve the wars and conflicts which they have created as they expanded their
    loots and wealth margins.

    They expanded their loots and wealth margin and at this point they have succeeded in pricing and purchasing over 66 nations
    and leaders globally to expand the bloodshed and murder of several millions of Muslims and incidentally few Christians murdered

    After several years of wars, looting and steering more and more conflict they spent and made several trillion dollars to recruit
    and retain armies, arms and ammunition and selling them to their friends and enemies or purported terrorists that are now
    children, men and women because they further deceived them with peanut of the loots and wealth that these engagements
    are more lucrative than going to look for jobs and opening companies that can create jobs for mass citizens of the world.

    For those pleading end to these wars and conflicts, they declared and designated as enemies and created severe forms
    of individual and organization sanctions against them to enable the wars and conflicts last forever and their personal
    wealth grow up to sky.

    Malian Extremist should expose all his grantors and allies in hate crime inside and outside the middle east, Africa, EU, NATO, Asia, etc.
    Soon as the US and western nations start to learn how to form good government globally and in their own nations
    the world will embrace zero hate, war, conflict, looting, bribery, corruption, natural resources paranoid and hassling, etc.

    Why not on our face renew pious sense because less than a week ago Obama was forced to confess that he gave over $400million to Iran to
    swap prisoners to release their own; whereas the links in 1 to 4 below are scare fire ball to disobey the secret money given to them and
    put up round tables to liberate their own people.


    1. http://nypost.com/2016/08/03/us-sent-400m-to-iran-as-us-detainees-were-freed-report/;

    2. https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/obamadallas.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=1030;

    3. http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/29/politics/bergdahl-taliban-five-prisoner-exchange-qatar/;

    4. http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/trudeau-condemns-senseless-murder-of-canadian-held-hostage-in-philippines-1.2943048

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    The Endowed Prof. (Dr.) Phillip Chukwuma Ofume & Associates


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    Will Okorocha be next for the destruction of Mberi Shrine?

    "The guilty plea was a landmark for the court, which has struggled to bring suspects to justice since its establishment in 2002. It was the first guilty plea and the first time prosecutors have launched a trial for the crime of deliberately attacking
    buildings of religious or cultural significance."

    Malian extremist pleads guilty to Timbuktu rampage

    Malian extremist pleads guilty to Timbuktu rampage
    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — An Islamic extremist expressed "deep regret" Monday as he pleaded guilty...

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