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    Soccer Rocker Ace Ventura de crooke! That's the line in the sand, I am the man, I dare you to punch me where you can! Matthew as math and hew from a television undersea, Swear to us AlGodlah, there's a goodness in the red blood eye of Matthew to me! As I
    understand, a close shave does draw blood! Kicker, Mr. Gotkowski, Pitcher Rivera, why not take the ball and drop pitchakick it all near 2pm out to see, Stuart & Jupiter, lets not get stupider, no time out in this game, sorry Cuba, Matthew did misuseya,
    and Dominican Republic and Jamaica too, Florida Keys, no piano please, beat the bass drum off the land! Why do I say, Pedro does play, for he was and is and always be the best friend us Red Sox ever had! Except for Ortiz, forgive me please, he's not God
    or Jesus but he is my Big Papi to us all see? So let this wish a demand as you may understand be the biggest home cooked noodle doodle straight out of our hands! If there is any logic, not to be nostalgic but be very careful for me, for there is the news
    and it is bigger than huge, its a split up the south to the north poles you understand? Does it matter, like a ink blotter, yes I do dream a scene! What could be colder or hotter i'ts Hitlers hell of a scream! SO we are toys girls and boys, women and men,
    please whatever your religion is, lets be a mutt across every land! Why do I say things of our minds, tsunami is bigger than your worst nightmares by design! Am I out of my mind into yours? Mariano Rivera, mariano's trench, this is the dugout and out
    stink a stench! Cigars and cars, ciggies too, shots and beers, in our ears, light up the stack of an attack before Hitler rearranges our future years. As for our Obama, what drama do I understand, there is a photo he wants no part of , the "After Years"
    of America I wrote as a child I understand. Boy You TOO I do demand! Who am I? I am everyone everywhere on Eden's land. Explantation point the ball is out on the cookies and cream cement wall to the right of this man, if that's not tragic, what could be
    worse? An earthquake to make our hearse! Do I rehearse? IN verse Musicality individuality, please remember you are absolutely unique just like everyone else. Camouflage, draft I dodge, ya this is a lodge, Boston Public Library where I am, so whoever you
    are you rising star, streak that badass tsunami into calm seas I demand!





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