• Next-President Trump Vows To Have Oral Sex With Every White Man In Amer

    From Fred Oinka@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 4 08:59:31 2016
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    That's part of his plan to make you great again! It's also how he became such a great success in his dealings with the middle eastern MUSLIMS he parters
    with all the time.
    Trump is a humble man of the people who smokes white Hillbilly pole!

    Putin's gonna love fucking Trump's elderly loose asshole.

    Does anybody know if Trump and Limbaugh have regular anal sex with each other?
    They sure look like a pair of old fags at a lemon party.

    Now that's how a Northerner Yankee becomes the supreme leader of the low-down, impoverished, unedcuated white trash right wing scum of the red state south!

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