• From Obama's Kenyan birthplace - Electro-fried crispy coon!

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    https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/video-kenya-power-employees- electrocuted-transformer

    A shocking video of two Kenya Power technicians getting
    electrocuted while working on electric posts holding a
    transformer, has horrified many on social media.

    The employees supposedly from Nakuru County were on Sunday
    attending to a transmission line next to Ashok Leyland when they
    got burnt on the spot.

    The disturbing video shows the two men suspended on the poles,
    when one gets in contact with the live wires sparking fire at
    the scene.

    In the video captured by a by-stander, the man tries to get up
    but unfortunately touches the live wires again hence suffers
    another electric shock amidst screams from onlookers.

    After the dreadful incident, the two were later removed from the
    posts and rushed to Valley Hospital in Nakuru

    The electricity company indicated that the two were in stable
    condition and communicating.

    “It was not fatal as reported in social media platforms. We are
    conducting thorough investigations to find the cause of the
    unfortunate incident and enhance safety measures to prevent such
    occurrences in future,” Kenya Power General Manager for Network
    Management, Daniel Tare stated.

    A section of the public, however, blamed the Kenya Power for the
    unfortunate incident, as the electricity ought to be switched
    off during such operations.


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