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    Please read the comments below to understand what Americans, who believe they are the most democratic country in the world, think about Turks and Turkiye.

    A guy by the name "JonnyDollar" below says: "I thought we were the Supper Power in this world and it should be us that tell others what they should or should not do, not Turkey and a goat-herder person like Erdogan."

    So, being a "super power in this world" means actually super lawless.



    Turkey’s Erdogan condemns US over Kurdish militia insignia

    PICTURE: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan salutes in the costume of an “ ahi, “ a member of traditional Turkish artisan and merchants group, during a meeting in Central Anatolian city of Kirsehir, Turkey, Friday, May 27, 2016.(Presidential
    Press Service/ Pool via AP) (Associated Press)

    By Associated Press

    May 28 2016

    ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s president has pressed ahead with his criticism of the United States over the U.S. troops’ wearing the patches of Kurdish forces.

    In a speech Saturday in the mainly-Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “condemned” Washington and accused Turkey’s NATO ally of not being “honest.”

    A U.S. military spokesman said Friday that American troops were not authorized to wear the insignia of Kurdish People’s Protection Units, which are fighting the Islamic State group, and said they had been ordered to remove them. Turkey views the YPG as
    an extension of an outlawed Kurdish rebel group considered a terror organization.

    Erdogan said: “Those who are our friends, those who are with us in NATO, should not and cannot send their soldiers to Syria with the sign of the YPG.”

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    attn wp, just for the record,non posting is the same as censorship, so much for the 1st amendment, as long as subscribe to wp's foreign policy

    what's the matter wp, `language or the truth to strong

    It is really shameful for the U.S. to be told by a backward Islamist like Erdogan, who admires the Nazi regime and its leader Adolf Hitler, what the U.S. government or its proud military should or should not do. I thought we were the Supper Power in this
    world and it should be us that tell others what they should or should not do, not Turkey and a goat-herder person like Erdogan. I am really embarrassed of the fact that the Pentagon has followed this order from Erdogan and has told the U.S. troops in
    Syria to remove the YPG insignia that they were wearing. I do not like this at all.

    Boris Kanevsky
    Go to hell turk, goat fkr,

    Carl Carloponty
    Ata Turk or father of modern Turkey's dream was a democratic Turkey. But Erdogan and his clan turned it into an Islamic tyranny.

    White Cedar

    Who cares what Erdogan has to say about anything. He has taken Turkey and Turned back into the Ottoman Empirte by making it a Sultanate. The got that right when he helped start the Caliphate of ISIS. The Kurds and American serve together exchange patches.
    One thing I do know is that you better stop the Genocide with the Kurds or you might be next after NATO kicks you out.

    James Tille
    Who cares what this dictator says. The Kurds are far better allies than Turkey will ever be.

    The Kurds are our allies, unlike the Turks.

    bwahaha... funny hats. I bet that Erdogan lies with goats.

    Grey Ric
    Why, he should be thrilled not angered. A third of the population of Turkey is Kurdish. So if the Americans ware the Kurds' insignia, they are honoring Turkey. Hmm

    JM Boulet
    Why is the Mongol dictating the US which badge, sign,decoration....to wear or not to wear....in battle? Obama ??

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