• Against the dresses which are short and made of thin clothes

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    Bismillahir Rwa’hmanir Rwa’heem

    Allah Pak declares, “O the Woman! Keep yourself inside the house and
    do not show off yourself like the women of the dark ages did.”

    And it is declared in Hadee’s Shareef, “The La’anat of Allah Pak is on both of those who show off and on those who watch it”

    But unfortunately, recent trend of fashion design is totally un-
    Islamic and violation of ethical sense as the dress for women are made
    of thin clothes and also those dresses are becoming shorter and
    shorter with more revealing trend day by day.

    This trend must be stopped immediately. Otherwise, as per the Ayat
    Shareef and Hadee’s Sharef above, anyone involved in any way of manufacturing, designing or selling such thin and revealing short
    clothes will be under La’anat of Allah Pak and they will never ever
    succeed here and hereafter. As a result, they will never have peace in

    Those, who are aware of social conflicts widespread due to lack of
    proper covering (Pordah), must raise their voice strongly and
    immediately come forward in manufacturing, designing and selling of
    thick clothes and long dresses which will cover more. By doing this,
    they will receive unlimited Rwa’hmat, barakat and sakina from Allah
    Pak. Also, they will succeed both here and hereafter with peaceful
    life forever.

    Fuck islam.

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